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This is what I think of IE
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The severe and insulting lack of dinosaurs in Modern Warfare 2 was embarrassing and a black mark on my career. The addition of Dinosaurs and turtles (the modern day dinosaur) are a high priority on the feature list of Modern Warfare 3


Look's like I'm the one and only Pinkie Pie :D

About me:

You can follow me on blue bird :D

This is what I think of IE

Hai there, Im Diegox223, CoD Gamer since 2004, and wiki editor since 2010. I mainly play Call of Duty in my PC, but I have BLAck Ops and Bad Company 2 for the Xbox 360 :D (Gamer tag is Diegox223 if one of ya wants to add me).

My steam ID is the same one so.

See ya guys later!! Feel free to post something on my talk page!

Games that I've played. (Games with a * are games that I have)

-Call of Duty* & UO*

-Call of Duty 2*

-Call of Duty 3*

-Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare*

-Call of Duty: World at War*

-Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2*

-Call of Duty: Black Ops*

-Battlefield 1942 & 1943*

-Battlefield Bad Company & Bad Company 2*

-Half Life, OpFor & Blue Shift*

-Half Life 2, Ep.1 & Ep.2*

-Team Fortress 2*

-Portal* & Portal 2* (Thanks for Microplay pre-order!)

-Left 4 Dead* & L4D2*

-Mortal Kombat: Deception*

-Resident Evil 4*

-Guitar Hero 3*, World Tour* and Metallica*

-Aliens vs Predator 2*, Primal Hunt* & 2010

-Medal of Honor Airborne & 2010

-DiRT 2*

-Batman: Arkham Asylum


-Halo CE*,2*, 3 & Reach

-Gears of War


-Mafia II

-Assassins Creed *

-Counter Strike: Source*

- Spore*

-Jedi Academy*

-Metroid: Prime Trilogy*

-Need for Speed: Most Wanted*

-Super Smash Bros., Melee* & Brawl*

-Rainbow Six: Vegas*

-Splinter Cell series (Conviction*)


-Alan Wake

-Mortal Kombat 9

-Mirror's Edge

-Call of Juarez*

Thats all of em I think

Goals :D

[X] 100 edits made

[X] 200 edits made

[X] 300 edits made

[X] 400 edits made

[X] 404 edits not found

[X] 500 edits made

[X] 1000 edits made

[X] 1337 3|)175 //\//\4|)3

[X] 50 mainspace edits made

[X] 100 mainspace edits made

[X] 500 mainspace edits made

[ ] 1000 MS edits made

[X] Get Bad Company 2

[X] Get a prestige on CoD 4

[X] Get a prestige on MW2

[ ] Get a prestige on BO (dont play it anymore)

[X] Get a PaP weapon on any Zombie map without using the dev console or glitching

[ ] Kill Justin Bieber



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