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Camp Toccoa
Volgend Pathfinder
Game 'Call of Duty
Call of Duty: Classic'
Personage Soldaat Martin
Team 101st Airborne Division, Amerikaans Leger
Wapens M1 Carbine, Springfield, Thompson, Mk2 granaten
Plaats Kamp Toccoa, Georgia, Verenigde Staten
Datum 10 Augustus 1942, 0900 uur
  • Read each sign.
  • Approach the sign indicated by compass star.
  • Open the gate to the obstacle course.
  • Complete the obstacle course.
  • Pick up both Carbines, hit the target a total of 12 times.
  • Pick up a Springfield, hit the target a total of 4 times.
  • Pick up a Thompson, hit the target 10 times.
  • Switch weapons, hit the target 3 more times.
  • Pick up some Grenades, throw a Grenade into each window and door.
  • Plant the explosives.
  • Go through the last gate to exit training.
"...and what makes the brass nervous makes us drill even harder."
Soldaat Martin's dagboek

"Camp Toccoa" is het eerste level in Call of Duty en Call of Duty Classic. Daarnaast is het ook het eerste level in de Call of Duty serie. Het is bedoeld om spelers leren om om te gaan met het besturingssysteem en de gameplay.


  • Martin (speelbaar)
  • Foley
  • Moody
  • Elder