"An operation on foreign sovereign soil, it would be an act of war without congressional approval!"
— McDonnell to Jonathan Irons.

General McDonnell, also known as "Kingpin", is a major character who appears in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Appearing in multiple trailers for Advanced Warfare, he and Jonathan Irons appear to be discussing a plan for military action on foreign soil, with Irons asking for permission for the operation, to which McDonnell denies. After further arguments, Irons eventually gives up and leaves the General. He isn't heard again until Sentinel, where it is revealed he is part of the Sentinel Task Force. His last physical appearance is in Throttle, where he tells Gideon, Mitchell and Cormack the plan to attack New Baghdad, Iraq.


"On whose authority?"
— McDonnell to Jonathan Irons in the cutscene of Manhunt.
"It's a single source. Has the intel been verified?"
— McDonnell asking about KVA movement.


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