For the American officer, see Frank Kowalski.
"The hunt is on! Right, Bohater?"
— Kolwalski

Sergeant Łukasz "Bang Boom" Kolwalski was a Tank crew member of Papa Jack's battle group in the Polish 1st Armored Division.


""Bang Boom" Kolwalski dreams of marrying a girl in a gingham dress and living on a farm in Minnesota. The only thing that's stopping him is 3 million German soldiers."
Call of Duty 3 bonus materials section.

He first appeared in a cutscene where they were near Richter, where Jackowicz briefed them on current events.

Then he was seen again when him and Pte. Ulan were painting German tank kills on their Firefly, On the first Polish mission, Kolwalski helps take out a retreating German convoy, two groups of Panzers and two Tigers. Soon, their tank was chasing after Richter after air support weakened his armor, after battles with Panzer tanks and a duel with Richter's tank, Kolwalski and his battle group becomes victorious.

When they finished celebrating, Jackowicz came by, saying that they got orders to take Mount Ormel. After their Division captured the hill, they had to defend it. After the tank crew regroups with Papa Jack in a secluded bunker, Kolwalski was manning a M1919 laying suppressing fire on the enemy, but he is killed when a Tiger tank makes a direct hit to the bunker, much to Ulan's horror.

Personality and TraitsEdit

His nickname, "Bang Boom", suggests that he was crazy about destroying German artillery and tanks. Ironically, he planned to have a simple and peaceful life after the war. He is also very passionate about his homeland, and those against it, suggested by the fact that he spit towards Richter's destroyed tank.

Kolwalski is most recognized by his baldness, and for his large, thick and burly beard.


Quotes Edit

  • "This is the one! The świnia (Polish for pig, or swine) who drove us from the motherland!"
  • "Seven kills in as many days."
  • "The hunt is on! Right Bohater?"


  • When the player points at his dead body with the crosshair, his name appears as if he was alive, but wounded. If the player lays down and looks at his face, he is still blinking. Additionally, if one melees him his name will turn dark red.
  • In the French and British versions of Call of Duty 3, Kolwalski name is spelled Kowalski.
  • In The Black Baron, Kolwalski is seemingly speaking to himself during the quote "Bang Boom, target those fuel tanks."
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