"Carter, wait until 1st Squad leaves, then seal off the main door."
Sgt. Randall to Pvt. Carter[1]

1st Squad was an American unit that was part of Dog Company of the 2nd Ranger Battalion that fought during World War II under the command of Sgt. Randall, as seen in Call of Duty 2.


In "The Silo", Cpl. Taylor wrote in his journal that a single squad was being sent out to try to take the village of Beaumont-Hague. Sgt. Randall ordered Privates Garcia, Hawkins, Jones, and Rosetti to move across a field to secure a FlaK 88 to use to take out a grain silo to neutralize the possible threat of snipers. Braeburn, McCloskey and Taylor were ordered to stay back and provide a base of fire for the rest of the squad to move under.

Pvt. Peas caught up to the three providing cover after the firefight started with a spare can of ammunition for the .30 cal that Braeburn had accidentally left on the road before the squad moved out to try to take the town after Randall told everyone their job.

1st Squad was later single-handedly tasked with taking the town of Bergstein in the level "Approaching Hill 400" while the rest of Dog Company tried to catch up. Without any other support, the squad captured the town with only Randall and Taylor of the original nine who were in the squad during the fighting in Beaumont-Hague.

Once the company caught up, they moved up as a whole to take the nearby Hill 400 that overlooked the town and acted as an observation post for artillery barrages to be called down upon any Allied position within a radius of several miles of the hill.[2]

In The Battle for Hill 400, after most members of the company had been either killed or wounded, 1st Squad engaged in heavy fighting immediately around the radar bunker that the company had captured, being attacked by enemy infantry, vehicle support, armor, and artillery barrages.

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