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1v1 Duel is a limited-time game mode exclusive to Call of Duty: Mobile. This game mode pits two players in a deathmatch. The player with the highest score once the timer runs out wins the round and winning 2 rounds is a match win. This game mode is specifically made for Gunfight maps.

This mode was also available for the Pine 24/7 playlist which was a dedicated playlist for the map Pine which was new.


Before the start of the first round, both players spawn at either end of the map and are allotted a certain amount of time to choose a loadout. Once they have finalized their choice for loadouts, they fight. Ammunition for their primary and secondary weapons are unlimited, but their Lethal and Tactical equipment are exhaustible.

The player who loses the first round gets to choose a weapon class they are comfortable with. This choice affects the player who won the previous round, forcing them to adjust with that specific weapon. With the end of each round, sides are switched.

The player to win 2 rounds wins the match.