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The 62nd Rifle Division was a part of the Red Army in Call of Duty: World at War. It is seen only in "Vendetta".


One of the playable characters in World at War, Dimitri Petrenko, was in the rifle division. "Vendetta" is the only mission to feature the 62nd Rifle Division in Call of Duty: World at War. During this mission, several members of the division were slaughtered in the fountain by the Wehrmacht but Petrenko survived faking death. There, he encountered Sergeant Reznov, an injured sniper who was tracking Heinrich Amsel, a German officer. Later during the mission, as Dimitri and Reznov were about to be burned by a M2 Flamethrower, members of the division come to rescue them. Then, they provide ground support to advance through the city as Dimitri and Reznov are providing sniper covers. They successfully take down a German building and attempt then a frontal attack against the Germans defending Amsel but all the unit is killed.

Three years later, Dimitri Petrenko then joins the 3rd Shock Army and is in for the remainder of war.


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