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"88 Ridge" is the thirteenth level in Call of Duty 2.



Getting Started

The player will spawn in a desert with tanks to the right. Follow the ally tanks to a ridge on the left side of the map. When near the top of the hill, there will be enemy tanks. When the player's CO gives the word, open fire.

Destroying the first guns

Once the tanks have been destroyed, take a right and there will be a Flak Gun nearby. Destroy it and keep going forward.

Eventually, the player will be in an area filled with exploding barrels and troops. Destroy the gun on the right, then keep heading forward until seeing another one. Again, destroy it and go forward, taking out the tanks. After passing a ridge, the player will find a gun on the left. As usual, take it down.

Soon, there will be a large hill visible. There's a gun to the right near the base of the hill, destroy it and it's tank cronies. Go up its right because going left does not work. At the top of the hill are troops and a truck. Destroy them, then take a right to go down.

The Last Guns

As the player goes down the hill, there will be a tank coming in from the desert. Get closer to it, then destroy it. After its down, go down near the desert and take a right. The player should see another tank coming in. Destroy it, then get near it and go right, up the hill.

Once on the top of the hill, take a left and the last guns and tanks will be waiting. Both guns and the tanks are located on the right. There will be more allies coming in, but a large group of allies have trouble taking out one tank, the player should not rely on them too much.

When everything is destroyed, the player exits the level.


File:Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough Part 13 - 88 Ridge - British Campaign



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