January 17, 1943, 0830 hrs


Sunny, light winds, 77° F

The Afrika Korps is falling back to Tripoli, their last major supply base in the region. Our objective is to smash through the defenses between here and Tripoli, forcing the Jerries to give up those essential supplies and retreat into tunisia. For this mission, we've been equipped with an improved version of the standard armour-piercing round, but we'll still need to get close to achieve maximum effect.

Tank Commander David Welsh

7th Armoured Division


["88 Ridge"]

[Northwestern Libya]

[January 18, 1943]

[65 miles south of Tripoli]

British tank commander: Pay attention now! We've run up against a group of 88 milimeter Anti Tank guns along the next ridge. Zebra group and the Shermans will keep them busy while Fox and Baker circle around their left flank and hit them in the side.

British tank commander: Group commanders, report in.

Baker One: Baker One ready!

Fox One: Fox One ready!

Zebra One: Zebra One giving them hell!

British tank commander: Fox and Baker! Load AP rounds and advance at full speed. Good luck lads!

Baker One: I hope this works!

British tank commander: Kill the chatter Baker One!

British tank commander: Remember to hold your fire 'til we get in range!

The two tank groups advance towards their objective.

British tank commander 1: They've spotted us!

British tank commander 2: Steady! Steady!

British tank commander 2: Almost - in - range!

British tank commander 2: Nearly - there! 

British tank commander 1: Fire at will! Destroy those AT guns!

The tanks open fire on the 88s.

British tank commander 3: Careful of that slit trench. There might be Krauts with AT rockets in there!

The tanks destroy 88s, Panzers, and German Infantry.

Fox One: Panzers are coming over the ridge!

Baker One: What direction, Fox One?

Fox One: From the west!

British tank commander 1: All units regroup! Steady everyone!

British tank commander 2: Steady Fox One, Zebra is on the way! 

The tanks destroy their objectives.

British tank commander 1: Anyone have targets?

British tank commander 2: Negative, sir!

British tank commander 3: Negative targets.

British tank commander 1: Excellent work, gentlemen. Assume defensive positions and round up the prisioners.

The level ends.