The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The A-Jak Cutter is a small class of warship utilised by the Settlement Defense Front in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. They are a light, fast jump-capable ship used often as a gunship or anti-fighter vessel.


Like other SetDef ship designs, the A-Jak has an oblong construction with a notably cavity at the bow. The ship is the smallest of the observed SetDef ship classes, though larger than a Skelter or Jackal fighter.

The vessel had a feature wherein its armour cladding surrounding its sublight engines would open, likely to allow heat to dissipate. This however exposed the engines, making the ship incredibly susceptible to attack. A-Jaks were equipped with twenty-four missile banks, firing MMT38 Whiplash missiles, and six 30mm Grunion autocannons, making it a deadly opponent to any fighter.

A-Jaks possess conventional engines for sublight travel but they also possess Drop Engines for faster-than-light travel. The sides of the ship seems to possess two sizeable airlocks at the front and rear.


A-Jak cutters were used in many battles across the UNSA-SDF War, including at Luna and Titan. It is often used in supporting roles for larger ships or fighters. While A-Jaks often serve in an anti-fighter role, they may also attack ground targets directly themselves.

Its classification as a cutter suggests it also serves in patrol roles that would be wasteful for larger ships like destroyers.

Named Ships

Only a single A-Jak has been named, which is the SDS AFB Titan Bravo. Like other SDF ships it uses the SDS prefix. It is unknown what naming conventions A-Jaks follow due to only having one named example, though it should be noted that AFB Titan Bravo was stationed on the Saturnian moon of Titan.


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