The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
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The AATIS guns are Earth's orbital defense system, appearing in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.


Described as Earth's "iron shield", AATIS guns huge cannons, each capable of inflicting massive damage upon a warship. The guns are known to be mounted upon floating platforms. It appears that the guns can retract inside their platforms when not in use. An area protected by the AATIS weapons was apparently impenetrable to direct assault by any spaceship; sabotage of the weapons would be the only way to allow a ship to attack an area defended by them.[1]

The concept art describes them as rail guns.

The weapons are positioned in a recoiling mount, as they produce substantial recoil when firing. The guns are also shown to be capable of firing surprisingly fast for their size, firing two to three shots in just a few seconds.


Black Sky

During Black Sky, the AATIS guns at Geneva were hacked by Senior Operative Akeel Min Riah and decimated the UNSA's fleet. Control of the guns were eventually regained when a SCAR Team secured the site and arrested Riah.

Operation Black Flag

Part of the battle plan for Operation Black Flag involved using the AATIS guns in Geneva against the SDF fleet. However, Akeel Min Riah managed to escape UNSA custody and sabotage the operation by causing the AATIS guns to self-destruct, clearing a path for the SDF fleet.



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