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|image = [File:AK-47 menu icon MW.png]
|class=[[Assault Rifle]]
|class=[[Assault Rifle]]
|magazine = 30 rounds<br>''(40 and 75 with ammunition attachments)''
|magazine = 30 rounds<br>''(40 and 75 with ammunition attachments)''

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For a list of other variants, see AK.

The AK-47 is an assault rifle featured in the Modern Warfare game series, as well as in Modern Warfare 2: Ghost, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS), Find Makarov, Find Makarov: Operation Kingfish, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, Call of Duty Online, Call of Duty: Heroes, Rightful King, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty: Mobile and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare & Modern Warfare Remastered

"Fully automatic with high power. Effective at medium range."
— Weapon description


The AK-47 is in single player and is the weapon most frequently used by the in-game enemies, such as Ultranationalists and OpFor militants. It is never found with a red dot sight or silencer. It is far superior in terms of firepower and penetration when compared to most other rifles in the game, and it keeps an open field of view for spotting other nearby targets, although it suffers more in terms of recoil.The AK-47's recoil is mostly visual, as the sights re-settle on the target between shots. The AK-47 is most effective at close to medium range. A variant of the AK-47, called the AK-47 Grenadier (a standard AK-47 with an underslung GP-25 grenade launcher), is also relatively common. The AK-47 Grenadier has a max ammo of 308 instead of 300. The AK-47 is one of the only weapons that is more accurate in multiplayer than it is in single player.


The AK-47 is one of the first assault rifles unlocked in multiplayer, being available as soon as Create-a-Class is unlocked. It is a high-damage, slow-firing assault rifle on par with the M16A4 and MP44.

The AK-47 deals 40-30 damage depending on range, killing targets in three-to-four shots. Head shots generally reduce the number of bullets needed to kill by one. Equipping Stopping Power reduces this to two-to-three shots. In this case, head shots only help outside of effective range. The moderate rate of fire and the high damage per bullet gives the AK-47 among the fastest times to kill out of all the fully automatic assault rifles. 

The AK-47 has higher recoil than most of the other assault rifles, with a recoil pattern of 60 up, left, and right, and 30 down. Its centerspeed is average, at 1500. The recoil is symmetrical so while the weapon bounces around somewhat while firing recoil tends to go straight up. Reload speed is at 2.5 seconds loaded or 3.25 unloaded, making it somewhat slower than the M4 Carbine or G36C, but not by much.

The AK-47 has the same amount of sway as the M4 Carbine and same sway speed as the G36C. The GP-25 and the ACOG Scope are the two most suitable attachments to use as the Red Dot Sight and Suppressor both limit its effectiveness; equipping either of the latter reduces minimum damage to 20, making it take five shots at range to kill in core and essentially making it a slower-firing M4 Carbine or G36C. This damage reduction also causes the gun to lose its one shot kill ability at range in hardcore. While the ACOG doesn't cause this damage reduction, the increased zoom, ADS time, and recoil hamper much of the AK-47's close range effectiveness, and the increase in idle sway will also somewhat hamper its middle range effectiveness. The AK-47 is perhaps most versatile when used bare, with no attachments, as it leaves the player with a weapon that does not hamper itself or their class selection.

In Hardcore, it kills in one hit against all enemies unless they are using Juggernaut (which can be negated with Stopping Power) or Last Stand, or those shot through cover, but loses this ability with a Suppressor or Red Dot Sight attached. The AK-47 can accept Golden Camouflage once all of the Assault Rifle challenges are completed. This exclusivity is nullified in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, as all weapons can accept Gold Camouflage.

Weapon Attachments

Old School Mode

The AK-47 appears in Old School Mode with 30 rounds in the magazine and 60 rounds of reserve ammunition.

  • Backlot - Found with a Red Dot Sight at the intersection near the garages and the parking lot at the south-western part of the map, near Sleight of Hand.
  • Bog - Found in between the giant mound of dirt and the tank, near Last Stand.
  • Chinatown - Found with a GP-25 in front of the construction site near the fish market and the grassy area, near the Mini-Uzi.
  • Crash and Winter Crash - Found at the top of the ramp near the mechanic towards the south-western part of the map, near Juggernaut.
  • Crossfire - Found with an ACOG Scope among cinder block foundations at the western edge of the map, near the Frag Grenade.
  • Killhouse - Found with a GP-25 on the top of the southern structure.
  • Pipeline - Found on the train platform at the northern edge of the map, next to Stopping Power.
  • Shipment - Found at the south-west corner of the map, near the barrels.
  • Showdown - Found with a GP-25 in the center courtyard.
  • Strike - Found directly to the west of the statue, near Juggernaut.
  • Vacant - Found in the parking lot, towards the south-eastern corner of the map.


For attachment images, see AK-47/Attachments.
For camouflage images, see AK-47/Camouflage.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Nintendo DS)


The AK-47 appears as one of the two assault rifles available in the game. It is available on all levels in the game. It is used by almost every enemy. Though the AK-47 bears a similar look to the one in the console versions, it has slightly less damage per round, a higher rate of fire, and much less recoil. It also has slightly different iron sights, which provide a much more open view around it. The iron sights are more above the gun than in other console games, where the sight is dug in the gun. As with all other weapons in game, all recoil is eliminated when aiming down the sights, making it effective at all ranges. This is mostly the only weapon to pick up if loss of ammo.


In multiplayer, the AK-47, like all other weapons, is available by default. It is extremely effective due to its high rate of fire, low recoil, and moderate damage. However, it is still recommended to use it at medium range (just like in the console versions), as it can be countered at long range by the more accurate M16A4 and the more powerful M1014 and MP5 at close ranges.


Call of Duty: Devil's Brigade

Throwing Knife menu icon MW3.png The subject matter of this article was cut from the final version of a Call of Duty game.

The AK-47 can be seen in a screenshot for the cut game Call Of Duty: Devil's Brigade.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


The AK-47 returns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, albeit heavily modified and aesthetically different to its Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare counterpart. It has a beige polymer furniture and a side bracket scope mount, as well as a collapsible stock and a railed handguard. Shots from the AK-47 sound different than those in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, possibly because of the apparent addition of a muzzle brake. The Ultranationalists and Russian Military still commonly use the AK-47, as do members of the Brazilian Militia. Many of the AKs found in the campaign are mounted with ACOGs, GP-25 Grenade Launchers, or Red Dot Sights; AK-47s with a Holographic Sight can be found in the levels "Exodus," "Of Their Own Accord" and "Wolverines!" An AK-47 with a Under-Barrel Shotgun can be found in the armory in "Loose Ends" and "Wolverines!". The AK-47 appears in almost every campaign mission with the exception of "No Russian", "Just Like Old Times", and "Endgame".


In contrast to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the AK-47 is the last assault rifle and the last overall weapon to be unlocked at level 70.

The AK-47 is a high damage-per-bullet assault rifle, best comparing to the SCAR-H and TAR-21. At any range short of 37 meters, the AK-47 will deal forty damage, taking three hits to kill, or two with headshots. Damage linearly decreases until fifty meters, where the AK-47 will deal thirty damage, taking four hits to kill, or three with headshots. The AK-47's three hit kill range to the body ends at 45 meters, and its two headshot kill range ending slightly before 45 meters. The AK-47 has medium bullet penetration power, and will kill or down enemies without interference in one shot in Hardcore game modes.

When equipped with Stopping Power, the AK-47's damage profile changes. The AK-47 will now deal 56 damage at any range shy of 37 meters, getting two shot kills, and will decrease linearly until fifty meters, dealing 42 damage, netting a three hit kill, or a two hit kill with headshots. The AK-47's two hit kill range with Stopping Power will end at about forty meters. With Stopping Power, the AK-47's damage per bullet becomes very powerful and fairly consistent over range, making the AK-47 solid.

The AK-47's rate of fire is somewhat slow, only firing at 705 RPM. While this fire rate is faster than the SCAR-H and the burst-fire assault rifles, all other assault rifles, including the TAR-21, fire faster. The fire rate isn't bad in the grand scheme, but is unimpressive.

The AK-47 is quite accurate. Its iron sights are very clean and simple, and its recoil profile is quite manageable, kicking equally upwards and to the sides. However, the AK-47 has a heavy amount of visual kick that doesn't represent the AK-47's actual recoil profile, which can deter less experienced players from using it. A trait unique to the AK-47 is that adding any attachment bar the ACOG Scope will multiply the idle sway amount by twenty times, the same effect the Thermal Scope has on idle sway. This is a unique weakness to the AK-47, as all other weapons only have their idle sway multiplied by twenty times while using the Thermal Scope, but in the case of the AK-47, all attachments bar the ACOG will bring this effect. Using no attachments at all will keep the idle sway at its normal amount.

The AK-47's handling traits are quite poor for assault rifles. Its switch speeds are some of the slowest in tier, the aim down sight speed is the assault rifle standard, the AK-47 will limit movement speed to 95% if it is the heaviest weapon equipped, and the hip-fire spread is a moderate size. Each reload is quite slow on the AK-47, taking 1.75 seconds to Reload Cancel the AK-47. All around, the AK-47 is a poor-handling assault rifle.

The AK-47 has a standard thirty round magazine, making the AK-47 have a ninety round starting ammo loadout when the player spawns in without Scavenger Pro.

The AK-47 has the usual set of attachments available to it. The Grenade Launcher is the GP-25 model instead of the M203, and while the grenades themselves are unchanged, the GP-25 can be switched to faster, but will reload slower than the M203. This makes using the GP-25 quickly easier (such as on a Sleight of Hand class), but makes prolonged usage harder (such as with a One Man Army class). The GP-25, like in Call of Duty 4, will add a sight on the right side of the AK-47, which has no functional purpose in-game besides to distinguish what attachment the AK-47 has.

The Shotgun is an unnecessary attachment for the AK-47, which already has plenty of close quarters power.

The optical attachments are available for the AK-47. The Red Dot Sight is somewhat of a poor choice on the AK-47, as the front post is not folded down when aiming, and with the visual kick, serves as a large visual distraction, taking away from the Red Dot Sight's value. The Holographic Sight shares a lot of the Red Dot Sight's characteristics, but is glitched in that it will increase the AK-47's wall penetration power, basically giving the AK-47 FMJ for free. As such, the Holographic Sight should be the only sight in use on the AK-47, if so desired.

The ACOG Scope will not increase the AK-47's idle sway when in use, but combining any attachment with it via Bling will add the idle sway. The ACOG Scope also lowers the AK-47's centerspeed from 1500 to 1100, making recoil quite large and difficult to control, combined with the visual kick and the front post.

The Thermal Scope is statistically indifferent despite the added idle sway, which is a natural side effect of the Thermal Scope. The Thermal Scope removes a lot of definition on the real world when aiming, and will lower the AK-47's centerspeed to 1300, making shot placement, again, difficult.

The Heartbeat Sensor gives the AK-47 portable radar on the side, but is effectively counteracted by Ninja users, which are hard to hear with footsteps. The Heartbeat Sensor shouldn't be relied on, but can be a useful tool in alerting the player to unsuspecting nearby enemies.

The Silencer removes the AK-47's muzzle flash and lowers the AK-47's acoustic signature when firing, but will reduce range. It will reduce the AK-47's maximum damage range by two-thirds, and will halve the AK-47's minimum damage range. As such, the Silencer is a risky attachment to use on the AK-47, having heavy cost in the form of extra idle sway and less range. However, it can work well for some players who put the stealth advantage to use.

FMJ increases the AK-47's ability to shoot through cover. For the most part, players shouldn't be using FMJ on the AK-47 too often, as the Holographic Sight has the same effect while changing the sight picture, reducing the severity of the muzzle flash, and fires less tracer rounds which can visually alert enemies to the player's presence. However, FMJ is a good attachment should players want to use the iron sights and have more wall penetration power. However, the player should never combine the Holographic Sight and FMJ through Bling, as FMJ will have no effect whatsoever with the attachment combination besides fire extra tracer rounds.

Extended Mags increases the AK-47's magazine capacity to 45 rounds instead of thirty. This makes reloads less frequent and allows the player to delay their reloads for longer periods of time. This attachment pairs well with players who naturally waste ammunition.

The AK-47 best compares to the SCAR-H and TAR-21 in terms of gameplay, as all three of them are extremely strong in terms of per shot power. The AK-47 effectively acts as a bridge between its two competitors, sharing some of the SCAR-H's superior accuracy and simple iron sights, while sharing some of the TAR-21's superior fire rate up close and ammo loadout.

Weapon Attachments


For camouflage images, see AK-47/Camouflage.
For attachment images, see AK-47/Attachments.

Modern Warfare 2: Ghost

The AK-47 is used by the terrorists who took the children at a school in Lisichansk, Ukraine hostage.

Call of Duty: Black Ops


The AK-47 looks very different compared to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and, to a lesser extent, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The rifle has its wooden furniture, stock, and pistol grip, lacks a muzzle brake and has different yet still clean iron sights. The magazine is also less curved and the handguard is plain. It is frequently seen being carried by Viet Cong, NVA, and Soviet soldiers throughout the campaign.

Notable exclusions are "Operation 40" and "The Defector", where it is replaced by the FN FAL, in "Rebirth" and "Redemption", where it is replaced by the AK74u and in "Numbers" where it is replaced with the Kiparis. In the mission "Payback", Alex Mason and Frank Woods use AK-47's to escape the compound and hijack the Mi-24 Hind. In "S.O.G." and "Payback", it is possible to find an AK-47 with a Flamethrower attached. In the mission "Payback", Some of the SOG team and Reznov can be seen wielding their AK-47's in the compound where Kravchenko was at.


The AK-47 is unlocked at level 38, costing the player CoD Points logo BO.svg2000. The AK-47 is a high-damage, fully-automatic weapon firing at 750 RPM and has almost completely identical stats to the Commando. However, the AK-47 has a longer reload than the Commando along with a slightly slower switch speed as well. The actual recoil patterns of the two guns are also identical, although the AK-47's visual recoil is greater than the Commando's, where the sights kick up before returning to its original position, which hinders long range combat with moving targets. Due to the AK-47's statistical disadvantages compared to the Commando and the severe similarity they bear, the AK-47 is, by definition, an inferior weapon. While the weapon is very well-rounded, the Commando is an overall improvement over the AK-47. The AK-47's only advantages over the Commando are that it's unlocked earlier and that its GP-25 Grenade Launcher bears statistical uniqueness from the M203 the Commando uses.



In Zombies, the AK-47 is unavailable in normal conditions. It can be acquired only with the give all command on PC as well as the "give ak47_zm" command/bind on Apple Mac. This cycles a few weapons for the player while gradually draining all their points. Eventually, the player ends up with an M1911, Default Weapon, Dirty Harry and an AK-47. The weapon has no sounds when it is firing or reloading, and does little damage per shot, only 2.5 times that of the M1911. The AK-47 also cannot be Pack-a-Punched, however, console commands show that the AK-47 was going to be able to be Pack-a-Punched, to which it would gain a Flamethrower attachment.

The AK-47 (with a GP-25) is also seen in the Call of the Dead poster being held by Michael Rooker.


For camouflage images, see AK-47/Camouflage.
For attachments images, see AK-47/Attachments.


Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS)

The AK-47 makes its return in Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS). The AK-47 resembles both Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare's and the console version of Call of Duty: Black Ops's own wooden AK-47.


The AK-47 is the most common weapon in the campaign, as it appears in every mission, which means that the ammo would never be a problem. It has the standard 30-rounds magazine, high power and high recoil, low accuracy, and the iron-sights are somewhat difficult to use; adding a scope resolves the problem, and also changes the recoil magnifying it, but only upwards, making it somehow more controllable.


In Zombies, it can be found with or without the scope in the Mystery Boxes for 950 points. It has high recoil, low accuracy and is not very effective against zombies. Although it is better than the weapons in the starting area as far as statistics go, most other full-auto weapons are superior to it statistically.


In multiplayer, it is pre-unlocked for the Insurgency factions, and 150 kills with it will unlock its scoped version. 100 headshots with any enemy weapon will unlock the grenade launcher for the AK-47. It is advised to use the perk "Nerves of Steel" to resolve the recoil.



Find Makarov

The AK-47 is used by two Ultranationalists accompanying Imran Zakhaev.

Find Makarov: Operation Kingfish

The AK-47 is used by the majority of the Russian troops.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

"The ever-popular AK-47 offers an aggressive attack with high damage and a slower rate of fire for more manageable handling. Unpredictable recoil can cause problems in long-distance engagements, but the weapon shines in mid-range, forward moving combat."
— Call of Duty: Elite description

The AK-47 returns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It was first shown with other weapons in the reveal trailer. It also appeared in the E3 Demo and the Survival Mode trailer. It is similar to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 variant and sports similar polymer furniture, albeit in a black finish. It also has a different stock, which bears strong resemblance to the M4A1's stock from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and a different handguard, which has rails on the sides that are covered with rail guards.


The AK-47 is again commonly used by the Ultranationalists and the Russian Military, and is also a common sight in the Africa Militia. The AK-47 can only be found after the plane crash in "Turbulence". The AK-47 is also a starting weapon for Yuri in "Persona Non Grata", equipped with a Red Dot Sight, and in "Back on the Grid", equipped with a Red Dot Sight and a Suppressor. The AK-47 appears in every campaign mission with the exception of "Hunter Killer" and "Mind the Gap".


The AK-47 is unlocked at Level 68 and is a high damage weapon with a relatively low rate of fire. Although the AK-47 is tied for the highest damage of all automatic Assault Rifles, matched only with the CM901. It still requires the same number of bullets to kill at close range; three bullets under normal circumstances, two if one is a headshot.

Since the bullets-to-kill profile of the AK-47 is the same as other weapons of its class, its slower rate of fire makes the weapon less competitive in close ranges since it will take more time to kill. This disadvantage is offset by its range, as the AK-47 has the longest three-shot-kill range of all the fully automatic assault rifles.

This means that the Suppressor is a viable attachment as the three-shot kill range still extends to medium-range engagements even with the range reduction. Despite the long range capabilities, the ACOG Scope is not recommended, as the magnified recoil makes it unsuitable for accurate automatic fire. If a sight is necessary, the Red Dot Sight or Holographic Sight are better choices, although the AK-47's iron sights are by no means a hindrance.

The AK-47 is very similar to the CM901, but ousts it in some regards. While their maximum and minimum damages are the same, their damage drop-offs are dramatically different. The CM901's maximum damage begins to drop at 20 meters and ends at 47.5 meters, while the AK-47's drop-off begins at 31 meters and ends at 45 meters. Despite having a wider bullet spread and slightly slower reload (2.5 seconds, as opposed to the CM901's 2.3 seconds), the AK-47 boasts somewhat more predictable recoil, but the difference is marginal, and is offset by the noticeable higher visual recoil. However, both of the weapon's three-hit-kill distances are around the same (40 meters for the AK-47 and 37 meters for the CM901).

Infinity Ward has released a hotfix that has decreased the AK-47's gun kick. Overall recoil of the weapon remains unchanged however.

Special Ops

The AK-47 is available for both Survival and Mission modes.

Mission Mode

The AK-47 is available as either an alternate or an enemy weapon in almost every Mission Mode challenge, except Firewall, Charges Set, and Hostage Taker, and is also a starting weapon in Milehigh Jack.

Survival Mode

The AK-47 is available in Survival Mode at level 24 and costs $3000.

The AK-47 is also used by heavy troops in earlier waves. The AK-47 is very powerful, especially up close, but moderate to high recoil limits its effectiveness at range. As with all weapons, headshots are recommended to increase the killing speed. The AK-47 can be very effective deep into Survival matches, but only if the player tries to stay in close-quarters combat and goes for headshots. Also, its high damage and moderate fire rate result in a slower ammo consumption than most other rifles and submachine guns, allowing the player to refill ammo less often.



  • Kick - Unlocked at weapon level 4.
  • Impact - Unlocked at weapon level 9.
  • Attachments - Unlocked at weapon level 12.
  • Focus - Unlocked at weapon level 16.
  • Breath - Unlocked at weapon level 22.
  • Stability - Unlocked at weapon level 28.


For attachment images, see AK-47/Attachments.
For camouflage images, see AK-47/Camouflage.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance

The AK-47 appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance, and retains most of its qualities from the Call of Duty: Black Ops DS variant.


Once again, the AK-47 proves itself popular with the Russian forces and ammunition is almost never a problem. The AK-47 can be considered the Russian counterpart to the American M4 Carbine, as both have the same attachments in both campaign and multiplayer.

In campaign, the Russians favor this weapon in use against the player and their allies. Russians often go on the offensive with the standard AK-47 or the AK-74. Russians with the scoped AK-47 actually take shots to the players head, killing them instantly or dealing high damage per shot although when the player uses the scoped AK-47, it still deals the same amount of damage as its normal variant. Russians with the AK-47 Grenade launcher never use it as, oddly enough, the grenade launchers are always empty rendering the grenade launcher variant a mere change to how it looks.


The AK-47 is one of the initially unlocked weapons in multiplayer, the same as the M4. When used it also unlocks its scoped counterpart which can be unlocked with 150 kills with the AK-47. The AK-47 grenade launcher also appears ready and loaded as a pop up "Mystery Weapon" on multiplayer maps.

Weapon Attachments

  • Scope - Unlocked at 150 kills with standard AK-47
  • Grenade Launcher - Found in multiplayer maps as a pop up "Mystery Weapon", if enabled.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

"Fully automatic with high power. Effective at medium range."
— Description

The AK-47 in Call of Duty: Black Ops II is similar to its Call of Duty: Black Ops variant. The gun's appearance has not changed, but it lacks the gun-kick. It is only available in the campaign and Zombies, and is unlocked at the beginning of the campaign. The AK-47 can be used in all of the missions except Strike Force missions. AK-47 is use by the Mujahideen in "Old Wounds" and Strike Force mission "I.E.D.".



The AK-47 is featured in the Zombies map Mob of the Dead, included within the downloadable content pack Uprising. It starts out with a 30-round magazine with a fair amount of reserved ammunition of 240 rounds. Pack-A-Punched, it becomes the Reznov's Revenge. It still retains its 30-round magazine with 270 in reserve, but comes with a massive increase in damage, and is one of the highest damage Assault Rifles in Zombies, even without Double Tap Root Beer.

AK-47 vs. Reznov's Revenge

AK47 Reznov's Revenge
AK47 Zombies BOII.png Reznov's Revenge BOII.png
Damage 150-100 250-200
Fire mode Automatic Automatic
Rate of fire 750 RPM 750 RPM
Magazine size 30 30
Max ammo 240+30 270+30
Mobility Medium Medium
Extras More ammo, higher damage


For attachment images, see AK-47/Attachments.
For camouflage images, see AK-47/Camouflage.

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified

The AK-47 reappears in Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified. It is similar to its Black Ops counterpart, but with less recoil. It is accurate, but generally considered underpowered compared to the Famas and other assault rifles. It is featured in the Assault default class. In campaign, the AK-47 is the standard assault rifle for Russian and Viet Cong forces. It is also used by the cartel forces

Rightful King

After an earthquake, two militia soldiers clean their AK-47s with some of Josefina Menendez's aprons.

Call of Duty Online

The AK-47 returns in Call of Duty Online. While early versions of the game sported a similar look to that of its Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 variant, except with wooden furniture, the final updated version is now on par with the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare variant.



Call of Duty: Heroes

The AK-47 is used by Raul Menendez. It is also seen being held by Yuri in the loading screen.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

"Back by popular demand – the AK47 is returning to Call of Duty! This fan-favorite fully automatic Assault Rifle can deliver some great damage at close to medium range. Players will want to be careful and fire the weapon in short bursts to keep the recoil under control. The AK47 base weapon will be unlocked once you receive one of the five variants in a Supply Drop or Advanced Supply Drop."
— Sledgehammer Games description

The AK-47 returns in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


Some reveal images for the Reckoning DLC featured soldiers wielding AK-47s.

After that, the AK-47 was introduced to Xbox One players on September 1, 2015, and a month later for PC and PlayStation 4 players. To unlock the base weapon, players must first receive a Supply Drop variant. Between February 26th and 29th, 2016, the Unforgiving variant was given to players who played at least one public multiplayer match for free by itself in a Supply Drop.

The AK-47 is a high damage, but low ranged weapon. Up to 10 meters it will take three shots to kill, which is average for Assault Rifles, after which it will take four shots to kill. It is also a one hit kill in Hardcore game modes up to 40 meters.

One interesting downside to the AK-47 is that it has a slower than average aiming time, at 350 milliseconds, compared to the normal Assault Rifle time of 250 milliseconds, which can make it even harder to use in close quarters combat. Another bad handling point on the AK-47 is its recoil. Because of the high numbers and low centerspeed, fully automatic fire is only recommended for close to medium range engagements. If an enemy is at long range, it may be preferable to try and get closer before engaging. Firing in single shots or bursts might work, but the lower centerspeed makes this less effective than on other assault rifles.

There are some attachments that are worth using with this gun: the Quickdraw Grip is a helpful attachment for counteracting the AK-47's slow ADS time. The Foregrip is another useful attachment as it increases the center speed, making the gun more accurate for longer range combat. The Silencer can work to one's benefit if they can use it to get closer to an enemy through stealth, but it's not recommended overall as the AK-12 can kill in four hits up to a fair 30 meters with the Suppressor.


Name Rarity Advantages Disadvantages Notes
Slayer Enlisted Damage: 45-30-27 Fire Rate: 645 RPM
Guerilla Professional Viewkick −10% Hipspread +10%
Cold Hearted Elite Range: 400-2080 Damage: 45-30-17
Royalty Elite Range: 400-2320 Damage: 45-30-17
Grave Digger Legendary Hipspread −10% ADS Time +10%
Unforgiving Legendary Viewkick −20%
Hipspread −10%
ADS Time +10%

Exo Zombies

The AK-47 can be seen in the hands of Jim Decker on the Descent selection screen, but is unusable on the latter map.


For supply drop variants images, see AK-47/Variants.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

While the AK-47 does not actually make a physical appearance in-game, its silhouette is visible on the Always Done Swiftly, Arms Grace, Head Drama, Disorderly Combat, and Shopping Free GobbleGums.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

The silhouette of an AK-47 can be seen on the Head Drama and Shopping Free Elixirs.

Call of Duty: Mobile

"Fully automatic assault rifle. High damage with high recoil."
— Description

The AK-47 appears in Call of Duty: Mobile.





Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

"Very reliable automatic assault rifle chambered in 7.62mm Soviet. Large caliber ammunition requires skill to control recoil."
— Description

The AK-47 returns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.







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Weapon Perks



Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

  • When using a GP-25 in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the AK-47's gas block will disappear in first-person.
  • The remastered version has a manufacture date of 1970.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

  • When the AK-47 is equipped with the GP-25, it is called "AK-47 Grenadier," rather than "AK-47 w/ Grenade Launcher."
  • Without any attachments, it does not have any idle sway when aiming down the sights, but if an attachment is added, it has a small amount of sway.
  • An unusable leaf sight is added to the AK-47 when the GP-25 is equipped.
  • The serial number of the gun is 122874.
  • In first person, when sensitivity is on 10, spinning to reveal the other side of the gun, the fire mode selector can be seen and is set to semi-automatic, but in third-person it is on the correct fully automatic fire.
  • The AK-47 has the Russian Izhevsk Arsenal logo.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

  • The colored AK47 pick-up icon in Call of Duty: Black Ops was changed to no colors in the GamesCom "WMD" trailer, then changed again to colored and enhanced in the October GTTV singleplayer trailer of the game. The pick-up icon is enhanced but not colored in the finalized version of the game.
  • The AK47's serial number is 20923.
  • Sometimes in the campaign, an AK47 can be found with most of the available attachments on it. However, these variants cannot be picked up.
  • The AK47 has the Russian Tula Arsenal star logo on the dust cover. 
  • The extended mag has the Bulgarian Kazanlak Arsenal "Circle 10" logo on the rear of the magazine.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

  • The AK-47's serial number is 29022163.
  • The campaign firing sound for the silenced AK-47 is different from the one in multiplayer.
  • Call of Duty ELITE states in the weapon statistics that the AK-47 has a magazine of 20 rounds when actually it has a magazine of 30 rounds.
  • During "Return to Sender", it is possible to find an AK-47 with all attachments, but it is not obtainable, because the Africa Militia soldier that is carrying it will be crushed by a falling wall.
  • The upper handguard reads "SAIGA 5.56 SYSTEM" and "MADE IN RUSSIA".
  • The magazine reads "5.56 Cal B4 448875" and "MADE IN AFGHANISTAN".
  • The AK-47 has a manufacture date of 1963 as well as a Russian Izhevsk Arsenal logo. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

  • It is possible to see the Atlas logo on the weapon.
  • Players who received the free Unforgiving variant between February 26th and 29th, 2016, that did not already have a variant of the AK-47 along with the normal AK-47, did not get the normal AK-47 when they received the free Unforgiving variant.
  • In Exo Zombies, Decker can be seen holding AK47 in Descent main menu.
  • It has the same serial code as in Modern Warfare 3.
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