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The ARK (also spelled Ark) is an alien artifact that was introduced in Awakening.

The Ark acts as a weapon attachment in the barrel category. Because the Ark is a barrel attachment, this makes it conflict with the Muzzle Brake. However, the Ark does not conflict with the Silencer, allowing it to be equipped on the K7 and VKS which have integrated Silencers.

Attaching the Ark to a weapon improves the weapon's damage and range. In addition to those effects, the Ark will also cause all Cryptids killed by Ark-affected weapons to explode in a similar fashion to the Pipe Bomb. Because of the Ark's noticeable improvement of weapon performance, it is among the most sought after attachments in Extinction.

Due to the Ark's large size, it may sometimes obstruct the iron sights of the weapon, particularly if the sights rest low relative to the barrel of the weapon. This is most notable on pistols like the MP443 Grach, which has its iron sights completely blocked off by the Ark. If possible, using an optical attachment usually fixes this problem.

The Nemesis DLC added a Teeth upgrade that makes the Ark available to handguns as well; it replaces the Muzzle Brake on the player's upgraded handgun. Players with the Start with a skill point upgrade can effectively receive an Ark right as the match begins by doing this, and it is one of the most common first upgrades for players who have the upgrade at their disposal.

The Nemesis DLC also added Master Scavenger, an upgrade that allows the player to scavenge the Ark from Search Piles in all maps. Because players with Master Scavenger can find Arks in Search Piles, it is best to allow a player with Master Scavenger to do most of the searching, since a player without Master Scavenger is completely incapable of finding an Ark.

The Ark is found randomly in hidden rooms around Awakening and mounted on a dead soldier's unusable Ameli. In the first two areas, there is guaranteed to be one Ark in one of the side areas. In the third area before the draw bridge is connected, both side areas contain an Ark. Playing through Awakening will guarantee that the player(s) have at least four Arks at their disposal.

A large number of weapons that can equip the Ark experience a modification to the sound that the weapon makes when firing, similar to that of a silencer. There are some weapons that do not experience this, such as the L115, MR-28 and IA-2, among others.

The Ark can be attached to all weapons available in Extinction, except launchers and specials. It was also ineligible on the Honey Badger, but that weapon was removed on all maps it was available on in an update.


  • Like a Glove (30 Gamerscore.png/Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png) - Kill five Cryptids with the Ark attached to every compatible weapon on Regular or Hardcore difficulty.