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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

A Better Tomorrow is the main quest (also called the Super Easter Egg) of Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies, found on the map Revelations. It requires players to "complete the cycle."

The following Easter Eggs must be completed in advance, in any order:

  1. Apocalypse Averted on Shadows of Evil.
  2. Fly Trap on The Giant.
  3. My Brother's Keeper on Der Eisendrache.
  4. Seeds of Doubt on Zetsubou no Shima.
  5. Love and War on Gorod Krovi.

After the above are completed, a Gateworm icon will light up on the map selection for Revelations, or the Summoning Key in the case of Shadows of Evil. All five icons must be lit up in order to to be eligible. Players must then finally complete the Easter Egg for Revelations, For The Good of All.

  • If For The Good of All was done before completing all pre-requisites, it must be completed again. This does not reset any progress tracked from completing the other Easter Eggs.


For completing the quest, players are rewarded with 1,000,000 XP with the name "Enigmatic Epilogue" (enough to prestige once, or gain 18 levels if Prestige Master), and the special "Primis Rulz" Dark Ops Calling Card is unlocked. Players will then earn the A Better Tomorrow achievement.

The RK5 is also permanently given as a new starting pistol alongside the Bloodhound in Shadows of Evil, the Mauser C96 in Origins, the M1911 in the Zombies Chronicles maps, and the MR6 in all other maps. Both the original starting pistol for the respective map and the RK5 will begin the game with maximum ammunition (8+80 and 15+120 respectively).

On any subsequent runs of Revelations, there will be a "spark" in the headlight of the broken down truck of the Spawn Room. During the Easter Egg, after obtaining all 3 Audio Reels and guiding S.O.P.H.I.A to power up the Kino der Toten Teleporter, ensure there are only a few zombies left. Grab the "spark" from the headlight, and carefully make one's way to the Kino der Toten teleporter. All players must be in the Teleporter, and the player with the "spark" should interact with the wooden chest in the room with the "?" drawn in chalk on it, which can easily be done while also grabbing the Kronorium from the edge of the bed. Upon return, the Path of Sorrows becomes available off the wall for 500 Points at the top of the big staircase in Shangri-La. It takes up a weapon slot unlike the Bowie Knife, and is a one hit melee until Round 42.

  • Be careful not to be damaged at all by any enemies when carrying the "spark". It will cause it to be lost for the rest of the game with no additional rewards.
  • When done successfully, this also enables Wall Power and Crate Power GobbleGum effects for all players the rest of the match: all weapons purchased off the wall and from the Mystery Box will be Pack-a-Punched. This even extends to the Li'l Arnies, should any players now obtain it from the Box.
  • The Path of Sorrows is buyable again even if another weapon is purchased to replace it in the player's inventory. Since it only costs 500 Points, and wall buy weapons are less than 2000 Points, one can use the Path of Sorrows as a cheaper way to replenish ammo from a Pack-a-Punched wall buy weapon, which normally costs 4500 Points. This should only be done if players do not currently have re-packed abilities on their weapons, or wish to "remove" them.
    • Example: The HVK-30 costs 1600 Points to purchase off the wall, changing it into the High Velocity Kicker, and therefore 4500 Points to replenish ammo. Buying the Path of Sorrows to replace the HVK-30 and subsequently re-purchasing the HVK-30 will only cost 2100 Points to accomplish, giving a fresh supply of ammunition.


  • It is possible to complete this quest without completing the other Easter Eggs by finishing the Revelations Easter Egg with a player who has already completed all of the previous Easter Eggs.[source needed]
  • The name of the achievement is a reference to a quote said by Primis Richtofen in the intro of The Giant after killing his original self: "I am no fool. What I do, I do only to secure a better tomorrow."
  • The console codename for this achievement is zm_genesis_super_ee, where zm_genesis is the name of the map within the code.