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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

"What? How the hell did you..."
— Hakim before his death

General Abasi Hakim is a minor antagonist featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, appearing in the mission Lotus Towers. He is the commander of Nile River Coalition. Lieutenant Khalil, with the help of Jacob Hendricks and the Player, killed him and commandeer a coup d'état to loosen the NRC's grip on Egypt.


According to files found within the Data Vault, Hakim and his two brothers, Adhama and Hamisi, co-owned and operated a company named Abasi Mineral Inc. (AMI in short), a Kenyan mining corporation. It was created in 2027 and specialized in mining rare earth minerals. Its total net revenue is estimated at around 600 Million (currency type not specified).

AMI possesses control of an estimated 18% of Niobium's and 23% Neodymium's world supply, which are respectively used to create robots and Solid State Lasers for the D.E.A.D systems, as the later is required to be installed by law in all civilized areas within the Winslow Accord Nations due to Menendez's cyber attack in 2025. It was only in 2039 when large deposits of Niobium were found in Kenya.

With the Druon Leak, it was proved that the CDP and the NRC had worked together via hidden channels before the NRC officially joined the CDP. The leaked files contain conversations of Hakim with CDP officials (Alexi Bazarov, Anton Zotov), who cooperated over military and political topics. In one of the files, Hakim received money into account #090501090603.

In 2064, Hakim was killed by John Taylor during the manhunt for Dylan Stone and his team. When the player relived John Taylor's memories, they took Taylor's place in the killing of Hakim.


  • The account #090501090603 is a reference to Raul Menendez born on September 5th, 1963, as deleting the zeros from the account number leave the number 951963, or alternatively 9/5/1963.
    • This same number also makes an appearance in another leak related to the Druon group, saying "Please join us on::090501090603".