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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The Admiral-class Space Warfare Carrier is the largest capital ship in service to the United Nations Space Alliance and their military wing, the Solar Associated Treaty Organization. The ship is capable of launching a lethal strike force of fighters , as well as being able to hold its own against other enemy combatants.

The UNSA and SATO had at least two of such vessels, one being the UNSA Retribution, and another unnamed vessel, which were both present at Fleet Week in Geneva, where the UNSA's AATIS guns turned on their own fleet by Akeel Min Riah, leaving Earth almost unguarded and opening the gate for an orbital assault from the SDF 8th Orbital Fleet. The Retribution was the only carrier to survive the massacre, and then proceeded, alongside the surviving destroyer Tigris, to wage a campaign that ultimately destabilised the SDF, and gave the UNSA a tactical advantage in the coming war.

Another vessel, known as The Den, was operated by the JTF Wolverines, an Earth-based private military company.


The Admiral-class is the largest ship in the SATO fleet, at over 600 metres long. The ship's purpose was to serve as a carrier for Jackal space fighters, though it could also fit in combat directly and launch troops into battle, making it akin to spaceborne version of an assault carrier.


The Admiral-class is designed to function both as a carrier for fighters and for taking part other combat functions. The vessel, like all UNSA ships, resembles a more traditional naval vessel than it's SDF counterparts and is more aerodynamic in shape, possibly for it to be able to function better within planetary atmospheres. The vessels are oblong and have a steel colouration on their top side. The underside of the ship is darker, seemingly due to being composed of heat tiling for re-entry.

The front of the vessel seems to hold its Drop Engine, which consists of large panels that rise up and glow during operation, though it is possible that the engine simply comprises the upper levels and it is unclear what else is in the front section of the ship. The ship has a small superstructure near the rear which houses the combat information centre and bridge. The middle portion of the vessel is taken up by the main runway as well as some of the Drop Engine panels. The ship also has several landing pads on its surface.

The ship possess at least two hangers, one upper and one lower, both of which are capable of housing Jackal fighters. The vessel also possesses at least one well-dock on its lower levels, which allows direct troop insertion onto the battlefield, as seen during Operation Port Armor. It also seems to possess airlocks on the side of the vessel capable of deploying Raven dropships and possibly other aircraft.

Internally, the ship possess features similar to those of terrestrial warships, as well as those required for space combat. Various bulkheads and pressurised doors are used that allow the ship to be compartmentalised in the event of a hull breach or depressurisation.

Like many spaceships in Infinite Warfare, Admiral-class carriers are capable of generating their own artificial gravity. While the exact method by which this occurs is unknown, it would appear that the mechanism ensures that the gravitational field generated is perpendicular to the ship's floor, ensuring that crew members are only pulled downwards towards the immediate floor and not in different directions. This gravity can seemingly be disabled quite selectively, with gravity being deactivated in one room but left on in others.


The class is reasonably well armed, possessing numerous ballistic weapons and missile launchers. These can be utilised for both self-defence but also for attacking other ships (particularly with regards to the missiles). Numerous CIWS-like weapons can be seen, presumably for defence against missiles. The ship's main weapon, however, are its Jackal fighters, which it coordinates with in order to destroy targets.


The vessel seems to be well protected, with its hull being able to withstand attacks from Skelter fighters. The class utilises reactive armour over its vital sections to provide additional defence


For its complement, the ship can carry 20 Jackals and 4 Raven dropships within its hangers. In addition, the ship can carry up to 2100 personnel on board including Marines and SCARs for launching assaults. To support the Jackals, the ship also carries several supporting drones. Known uses of these drones include ferrying missiles to the Jackal while in combat and engaging in landing assist, providing thrust to slow the Jackal down, rather than trying to use an arresting gear like on terrestrial aircraft carriers.


The ship's primary propulsion consists of 12 solid rocket boosters a the rear of the ship, which can propel the massive ship up to 220,000 km/h and also allows it to reach escape velocity. The ship also possesses 7 large VTOL thrusters on its ventral side to allow it to hover while in atmosphere. For manoeuvring in the vacuum of space, the ship has numerous smaller reaction control system (RCS) thrusters mounted over its hull to allow for thrust in different directions.

To achieve faster-than-light speeds, the Admiral-class makes use of a Drop Engine, much like other ships.

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