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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
For the assault variant, see Aerial Assault Drone.

"A small, manually piloted, drone capable of tagging enemies."
— In-game description.

The Aerial Recon Drone is a streak in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It is a small remote controlled drone that will fire Threat Grenades at enemies to highlight them through materials for a short amount of time. It is the cheapest Scorestreak in the game, even cheaper than the UAV, which costs 400 points to obtain. The Aerial Recon Drone is also capable of killing players with multiple direct impact hits. The Recon Drone is almost useless in Free For All modes, as the player cannot benefit from the effects of tagging enemies unless they back out of it quickly after tagging enemies. It also leaves the player vulnerable while controlling it. However, the player can still gain score from tagging enemy players.


Module Additional cost Effect Icon
Cloak 50 points Grants cloaking capability. Cloak AAD Module AW
AR HUD 50 points Adds augmented reality HUD for target acquisition. AR HUD ARD Module AW
Flash Marking 100 points Marking enemies will also flash them. Flash Marking ARD Module AW
EMP Grenades 100 points Fire EMP grenades. EMP Grenades ARD Module AW
Increased Lifetime 100 points Increases the amount of time the Recon Drone can be used. Increased Lifetime ARD Module AW
Support 400 points Score earned toward this streak persists through Death. Support ARD Module AW



  • It is possible to kill enemies with the Recon Drone. The player must hit an enemy with direct impacts multiple times. In Hardcore mode, it will typically take three hits, and many more in core modes.
    • The Recon Drone does not have a killfeed icon. Instead, a blank space will appear between the players' names.
  • Players can trap others with the recon drone. However, this is difficult to do so unless the Flash or EMP Grenade modules are equipped.
  • "Jonboy" is written on the bodywork.
  • Ambient Recon Drones fly outside the map Greenband. They can be shot down and destroyed. They are also seen flying in formation above Urban.