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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

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"Butcher them now, show no mercy!"
Waraabe at the start of Multiplayer modes.

The Africa Militia are a group of two factions (the PRF and a group of Somali triggermen) in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

They appear in the campaign during "Back on the Grid" and "Return to Sender" as well as the Spec Ops missions "Fatal Extraction", "Hit and Run" and "Smack Town". They are also playable in multiplayer, always against the PMC. Waraabe is the announcer for the Africa Militia in multiplayer. They also appear as enemies in early rounds on some maps in Survival mode. 

Their exact origin is unknown, but they are either from Somalia or Sierra Leone. Judging from their dialogue, the militia has been committing genocide throughout Africa for quite some time; this can be seen in "Back On The Grid", where multiple executions are seen, such as dousing civilians in gasoline and setting them on fire, and shooting prisoners in the head in the remains of a burned out hut. The militia worked alongside Makarov, helping him move chemical weapons into Europe.

The Africa Militia can be compared to the Brazilian Militia, as seen below.

  • Both help Makarov in indirect ways: The Brazilian Militia's leader supplies Makarov with weapons and ammo; Africa's helped to move the chemical weapons to Europe
  • Both factions have 2 missions on the campaign: The Brazilian Militia is featured in "Takedown " and "The Hornet's Nest ", while the Africans are seen during "Back on the Grid " and "Return to Sender "
  • Both factions use similar weapons in combat such as the AK-47, Model 1887, Dragunov, and technicals.
  • Both factions have very similar equipment/gear(mainly chest rigs and bandoilers with no armor)
  • Both factions occupy poor urban areas as territory.

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Multiplayer Maps



  • There was originally going to be a ghillie suit for the faction in multiplayer as seen on ELiTE's Say Cheese event.
  • Prior to the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the Africa Militia originally used the Spetsnaz logo as a placeholder.
  • If the ones with hats are killed with headshots, the hat flies off.
  • The Africa Militia defeat theme is played during Fatal Extraction. The spawn theme is heard in Persona Non Grata and Back On The Grid while their victory theme is heard during Back On The Grid.
  • The Africa Militia's emblem appears on a flag in Call of Duty: Heroes as a decorative item.


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