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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts
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Air Superiority is a 12-point Pointstreak reward in Call of Duty: Ghosts. When called in, an A-10 Thunderbolt II will strafe the map twice, sometimes three times and destroy enemy aircraft (including Battlehinds and Gryphons). It uses the Precision Airstrike icon from the Modern Warfare series on the minimap. It has been known to sometimes miss its intended target, but it is good as a "hands-free" method of taking out enemy air support (rather than manually taking out a MAAWS launcher and manually guide the missiles until they lock). However, smaller pointstreaks may be better destroyed with bullet weapons, rather than potentially wasting a hard-earned Air Surperiorty on a measly Vulture or Night Owl. Scorestreaks like an Attack Helicopter or a Gryphon is a much larger threat overall and would be a better use of this scorestreak to kill them.

Due to the pointstreak's value being dependent on enemy pointstreaks occupying the airspace, it is very easy for a player's Air Superiority to be rendered moot during a match. It is not uncommon to see a player activate Air Superiority at the very end of a match just to make use of it, even if it accomplishes nothing. In addition to the existence of other anti-air methods like the MAAWS or just straight up shooting down a helicopter, Air Superiority is a rare sight to see, and it is even rarer to see an Air Superiority actually do its job. It is much more popular to use the Ground Jammer, another 12 support pointstreak, instead of the Air Superiority.


  • The Air Superiority kills the sniper on the Helo Scout instead of destroying the helicopter itself.
  • Enemy and friendly Air Superiorities can be active at the same time, and will attack each other, but will usually miss; very rarely will one destroy the other. There is usually a 50% chance of one hitting each other if one is called directly behind the other in close range.[citation needed]
  • It is possible to hit a enemy Air Superiority with a MAAWS Launcher.[citation needed]
  • Enemy players can be killed with air superiorty if the pointstreak targets something close enough to the enemy, such as a Gryphon flying low to the ground, or a Helo Scout about to drop a player off.
  • Three friendly Air Superiorities can be active at once if three teamates activate the pointstreak in sync.[citation needed]
  • The Air Superiority can occasionally miss or not fire at the target. This can be mainly caused on calling it in at the wrong time. This is especilly true when the selected target uses flares or out of range. The most notable missed targets is the Care Package. Once the helicopter delivering the package drops it, it flies off in a very speedy manner. The A-10 lines itself up when its activated. If the player launches it before the package has made it inside the map, the missiles will shoot pass it.
  • If the A-10 does miss a target, the missiles will continue to fly around the map until they explode. This is very rare but the stray flying missiles will sometimes hit a target leaving the map if its in the same path.[citation needed]
  • The missiles on the A-10 can become 40 times stronger with the Danger Close Perk.[citation needed]