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A document given to Evans.

Ref Maps.   1/50,000 Sheets 12/F1, 12/F2                                                                                              TOP SECRET
1/25,000 Sheet No. 60/05 SW                                                                                                                  2 Sep 1944

To: 3 Troop, 2 SAS


1. Objectives

a) Upon successful arrival at the airfield, procure aircraft on site and exfiltrate via preplanned air route.

b) Delay pursuit and interception by destroying any parked aircraft not essential to your escape.


Our Lewes bombs were lost in the drop at the dam, so we'll need to find a high caliber automatic weapon on site to do the job instead.

2. Enemy

a) Static defenses in area of operations.

A small regional garrison, mainly consisting of rear-guard troops, is known to service the airfield on a year-round basis. AA defenses may include guns ranging fro 20mm to 80mm.

b) State of alertness.

The dam garrison will have issued a general warning throughout the area by this time. The airfield may be more heavily reinforced than is customary as a result.


3. Outline

                                            Sgt. Waters, Cpt. Price

a) Disperse at the airfield. Flight-trained members of the squad will move the aircraft into position for takeoff.

b) Remaining squad members shall defend the stolen aircraft until that time, while inflicting as much damage as possible on other enemy aircraft parked on the tarmac.


Waters and Evans are driving down a road in a truck driven by Price.

Waters: We're coming up on that airfield, where the rest of the team has assembled! They radioed that they're finding us an escape plane!

The truck drives into the airfield, which is populated by German soldiers firing on the truck. Waters and Evans fight back until Price parks the truck beside a building. All three get out and fight off the Germans.

Waters: Sergeant Evans, light up those bloody Stukas with the flak gun!

Evans gets on the flak gun and fires on the Stukas attempting to fly off.

Waters: Stuka dive bombers! Take them out!

Evans fires on the Stukas attempting to make passes over them.

Waters: Dammit Evans, keep those Stukas off us! Take those bloody Stukas down!

Eventually, the friendly plane flies in.

Waters: Evans, don't shoot that plane! That's our ride out of here! Evans - in the truck! We've run out of time! We've got to go, now!

Price: Come on boys, back in the truck... our plane is ready!

Evans and Waters jump back in the truck and Price drives it to the plane.

Waters: There they are! That's our plane! Blimey, she's a beauty!

The level ends.

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