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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
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"The signal is lost. My fleet lands here..."
— Riah's last words.

Akeel Min Riah is the secondary antagonist in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. As a sleeper-cell agent on Earth, Riah hijacks Earth's planetary defence system, turning it on the SATO fleet, annihilating it.



Akeel Min Riah is a Settlement Defense Front commander who posed as a mechanical engineer to gain privileged access to the AATIS Gun Systems during Fleet Week. Prior to his arrival on Earth, Riah underwent an operation that implanted a transponder in his abdomen.

Black Sky

During the fleet week, where all UNSA Fleet gathers at its capital, Operation RIAH initiates, and Riah takes control of the AATIS Gun, and targets the fleet, disabling 2 out of 12 ships. Since the AATIS guns were powerful enough to prevent any SDF ship from operating in any area protected by them, disabling them also allowed the SDF to launch their invasion of Geneva.[1]

After his cover as SDF spy is blown and his mission revealed, SCAR Team moved in to capture him. He was apprehended at the AATIS Gun Tower by SCAR Team-1, a few seconds before he could destroy the AATIS Gun and himself.

Operation Black Flag

Prisoner Escort

"This... this is true courage."
— to Nick Reyes, before carrying out his last mission

In UNSA's custody, he is escorted by convoy to the UNSA Headquarters in UNSA's attempt to exploit SDF's own plan, but the SDF manages to ambush the convoy and free Riah. As Riah escapes across the city, Nick Reyes goes after him, eliminating SDF soldiers along the way.

Cornered on top of the church, and with nowhere left to run, Riah ambushes Reyes and beats him up before causing the AATIS system to self-destruct. He then conveys his last words to Reyes, stating that his actions represent true courage, cutting his abdomen open and ripping out the implanted transponder, destroying it and activating the beacon for the SDF assault, before dying from his wound.

Captain's Log

"Commander Akeel Min Riah was chosen by the Settlement Defense Front High Command to lead the sky espionage action behind UNSA lines that would prepare the way for the SetDef invasion of Geneva. After being smuggled to Earth by the SDF spy network, Riah assumed an altered identity and took a job as a civilian tech assigned to computer maintenance at the AATIS control tower. On May 7th, he killed the guards defending the control room and took control of Earth's iron shield, using it to destroy the UNSA and SATO fleets during Geneva's fleet week parade. An implanted transponder has been discovered in Riah's abdomen. It has been determined that Riah's intent was to destroy the AATIS with him still inside. This would have destroyed his implanted transponder - thereby calling in the SDF fleet."
— Captain's Log


  • "I pity the thing you call courage. SCAR Team One."
  • "You're just a man from Earth, dying for a lost cause."
  • "Your iron shield burns now... your world is unguarded."
  • "This... this is true courage."
  • "The signal is lost. My fleet lands... here."



  • His card on the Most Wanted board is the Ace of Diamonds.