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"If you can get past the greasy smile and the feeling that you were being conned out of your very soul, Arlington was your man."
Billy Handsome

Albert "The Weasel" Arlington is a character in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. He appears in the zombies map Mob of the Dead.

Arlington was the money handler in Sal's mob, and was a con man. He was found to be a part of a Los Angeles heist, leading to his imprisonment on Alcatraz Island. He is known to have had an extensive criminal history. [1]

On Alcatraz, Arlington, Sal, Billy and Finn devised an escape plan. After "lights out", Arlington pretended to be ill, so that the prison warden with the keys would open his cell and check on him. He stabbed the guard multiple times with a Prison Knife and stole the keys, releasing Sal, Billy and Finn. Billy supplied the other three with Python revolvers that he had smuggled out of the Warden's "private collection". However, the prison guard that Albert thought he had killed came back to life as a Zombie. After killing him again, hordes of zombies appeared from the cells and attacked the four. While the others stood and fought the zombies, Arlington ran, but was surrounded and killed, and then sent to the Afterlife.

Arlington seems to have lost all hope of escaping Alcatraz and he seems to remember each and every attempt ending in the entire group's deaths, lamenting his "delaying the inevitable" through doing certain actions, such as repairing windows.

In the main Easter Egg, the others find out about his past and decided to kill him, so Arlington turned against the other three. There are two different outcomes in the Easter Egg: the others kill him and the "cycle continues" or he kills the others and the "cycle is broken".

Journal Entry

"I've completed the aircraft's schematics, using only components that I know can be found within the grounds. However, everything hinges on gaining the trust and help of some of the facility's most notorious residents.
They may make fun of me sometimes, but they know I can do anything if I set my mind to it. I've planned enough jobs for them in the past to know that I can convince them to join me as Icarus takes flight.
Speaking of Icarus, same old story. The Editor defaced my art, scrawling nasty little comments on every page.
When I get out, I'll show him how wrong he is...
— Al's Journal


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  • Albert Arlington is to date the only playable Zombies character who can be killed by other playable characters on the same team. This however requires the players to complete Pop Goes the Weasel.
  • According to Al, he states the name Nikolai sounds familiar to him, a possible reference to Nikolai Belinski
  • Al seems to know many places and strategies to escape Alcatraz, even knowing about Afterlife. He also quotes that some of the writings on the wall appear to be his, but he does not remember writing them.
  • Al convinced the group to escape Alcatraz.
  • Albert Arlington is the only person that doesn't get his mind reset after the group dies.


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