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"Experience classic CODM Battle Royale, now featuring the mysterious island of Alcatraz."
— Description
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Alcatraz is a Battle Royale map available in Call of Duty: Mobile and was added on October 15, 2020 as part of the Season 11 Anniversary update. [1]

Alcatraz is set around the prison on Alcatraz Island that has been previously seen on the Treyarch Zombies maps Mob of the Dead, and its remake/sequel Blood of the Dead.

Unlike from the first map Isolated, Alcatraz only supports 40 players with no vehicles, with players being deployed randomly over the entire map instead of a helicopter fly-pass. Players can also respawn at the end of each respawn countdown up until the final collapse. However, at least one teammate from the player's team must remain alive until they are deployed. Furthermore, each player can respawn only 5 times per match.


Compared to Isolated, the layout of Alcatraz is far more cramped, focusing on close-quarters combat.

North Island: Powerhouse, Industries, and Officer’s Club

The northern coastline is home to several buildings stuffed to the brim with items and primed for frenzied close-quarters combat.

Model Industries, the largest of these landmarks, is a three-story building with an accessible basement and rooftop. Going to the roof you will see other buildings including the New Industries building, a longer yet lower structure with an opening on the rooftop allowing for easy drop-ins.

The Powerhouse is a long, angled building that can play host to plenty of fights within its interior. Those on its accessible rooftop can fire down on action down below through open spaces or do battle with those higher up on the Model Industries building.

Then there is the smallest building of the bunch: the Officer's Club, a long building that can either serve as an outlet from potential chaos in other landmarks, or be a hotbed to intense CQB combat. This building is closest to a cable car found near the Docks, which squads can hop aboard to take a ride up to the top of the Cellhouse, the crown jewel of the map's Center Island locations.

Center Island: Cellhouse and Warden’s House

Smack in the middle of the map sits the Cellhouse.

For the purpose of a Battle Royale, these cellblocks become multi-level shooting arenas. Expect plenty of close-range fights around corners, with mid-range and long-distance weaponry.

On the south end of Cellhouse is the Warden's House, an area with several multi-story buildings that make it a great alternate drop point for those looking to avoid the Cellhouse's chaos or pick off its survivors.

South Island: Ruins, Parade Grounds, Docks, and Shipwreck

The Ruins and Parade Grounds are two of the more open and low-lying locations on the island.

Parade Grounds and Shipwreck due to its open layout, it tends to be a less popular drop point compared to other landmarks.

The Docks have its namesake structures on the water and a main building on the shore. Both areas within the Docks contain plenty of opportunities to gather some items, and while they are lower lying than points central and north, their partial obstruction from higher ground could make them safer than the more open Parade Grounds and Ruins. You can also find an access point to the cable car north of the Docks on the way to the Officer's Club.