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Private Alderman is an American soldier who appears in Call of Duty 2.


Private Alderman is seen in all of the American missions. He aids the player's squad in capturing and defending the town of Beaumont-Hague, France. Later on, he helps the squad capture the town of Bergstein, Germany.

As the squad finishes clearing houses of Germans along the base of Hill 400, Alderman uses his Panzerschreck to blow a hole in the side of a building, allowing the group to march in and continue the mission.

He charges up Hill 400, but is wounded and is seen in the bunker at the summit of the hill. He is last seen in Wallender helping the player take out the Flak 88 crews. He can be killed by one of the Tiger tanks. However, if the player takes down the enemy tanks with great haste, then the chance of Alderman's survival in the battle increases in his favor.