"I've been on assignment my whole life. This... is one I believe in."
— Alex volunteering to sacrifice himself in Into the Furnace

"Alex"[1] is one of the three playable protagonists of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. He is an operative of the C.I.A. embedded with the Urzikstani Liberation Force and operates alongside Farah Karim as a liaison to the organization.


Alex, call sign Echo 3-1, was an operations officer in the CIA's Special Activities Division, responsible for high-threat covert missions. Alex doesn’t typically carry papers, weapons or military uniforms that would overtly associate him with the U.S. government. Alex leads small teams, trained to infiltrate enemy lines and survive inhospitable conditions in hostile locations. The tools of his trade are laptops, light machine guns, sat-phones, and rocket-equipped combat drones. Alex must often engage in unsavory activities, from which the special forces of the Army, Navy and Air Force are barred, for legal or political reasons. Alex’s mission profiles include counter-insurgency, special reconnaissance, counterterrorism, information warfare and anti-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Surrendering his former rank and history of special ops military service with Army Delta, Alex sacrificed traditional contact and association with family to join the Special Activities Division (SAD). He had spent his last six years living a series of assumed identities to achieve “sensitive” objectives wherever he is needed. Once tasked, he often operates autonomously, training, advising and arming allies to act as interpreters, pathfinders and soldiers.

At times, Alex’s strongest argument is a suitcase full of cash, his cultural knowledge and his language skills. Specializing in human intel, Alex works directly with real eyes and ears on the ground through direct contact with residential armies. Although denied, Alex’s team, along with host nation forces, plans and executes acts of sabotage against enemy targets.

Without ready access to cargo ships and larger scale equipment, Alex adapts, commandeering helicopters and captured Soviet-era aircraft, or local fighters. Through 2017, Alex’s units played a key role in ensuring definitive victories against emerging terrorist networks. SAD’s top-secret commandos are permitted to execute missions against enemies of the state, without consulting the Pentagon or White House. This duty was granted through presidential decree, enacted to allow for the killing of terrorists. Over his career, Echo 3-1 has been involved in multiple actions to assassinate enemy leadership.

Alex values direct contact with local militias where he can track both allied and enemy intentions to help advise appropriate action. Alex is deeply committed to his work, and departmental profiles highlight his empathy as both an operational advantage and a matter of potential concern for operational fitness.[2]


Verdansk OperationEdit

On October 24th, 2019, Alex was assigned with a Marine Raider unit on a mission in Verdansk to secure and comandeer a shipment of Russian chlorine gas from Russian general Roman Barkov. While they were successful in comandeering the shipment, the unit was attacked by unknown forces which left Alex wounded and the Marines killed, making the operation a failure. This leads to the gas being taken by said forces and leaving Alex to be extracted by the CIA.

Embedded in UrzikstanEdit

A day after the failed mission, Al-Qatala, a terrorist organization, launched a terror attack in London, which was then contained by the SAS. In response, CIA Station Chief Laswell ordered Alex to find and secure the stolen Russian gas with help from the Urzikstan Liberation Force. SAS Captain John Price told Laswell to use his name to meet the ULF, which Alex did. Meeting with Commander Farah Karim of the ULF, Alex was introduced to Hadir, her brother, and managed to get ULF help to secure the gas. Alex and Farah then sabotaged Russian occupation in Aqtabi, before killing some of the Russian commanders in Aqtabi. Their actions forced Barkov to move some men to contain the situation, leaving his airbase undefended. ULF, with assistance from Alex then attacked the airbase with the use of RC planed fitted with explosives; however, the Russians outnumbered ULF and attacked the safehouse, leaving no air support from ULF, which led the CIA to launch an unmarked gunship to support the ULF. With the airbase destroyed, this limits Barkov's air operations in Urzikstan, which allows the West to act in finding Al-Qatala's leadership. 

When Captain Price and Sergeant Kyle Garrick of the SAS assaulted an Al-Qatala townhouse in North London, they found information regarding Al-Qatala's leader, Omar "The Wolf" Sulaiman, who is located in Rammaza Hospital in Urzikstan. With this information, A Marine QRF was assigned to extract The Wolf, with Alex supporting them. Making contact with the Marines led by Sergeant Griggs, Alex and the Marines successfully captured The Wolf, bringing him to the US Embassy in Urzikstan for questioning and waiting extraction from Captain Price and Sergeant Garrick. 

Hunting The WolfEdit

Not long after The Wolf's capture, Al-Qatala's second in command, The Butcher, rallied Al-Qatala's forces in front of the US Embassy to rescue The Wolf. Effectively under siege and with the Marines outnumbered, Captain Price and Sergeant Garrick moved in via air to extract The Wolf. When Al-Qatala breached the US Embassy and slaughtered the Embassy staff and the Marines, Alex, Farah and Hadir moved to secure The Wolf in the Embassy safe room, while Price and Garrick moved to aid them. As Garrick helped an Embassy worker with the Ambassador's keycard, the team led by Price moved to the Ambassador's residence to wait for extraction. As Al-Qatala moved to attack, the CIA managed to assist the defenders with a drone that forced Al-Qatala to retreat, although not before losing The Wolf to Al-Qatala. 

As Al-Qatala moved The Wolf outside the city, Farah ordered Hadir to gather everything he can to stop them. Price then divides the team into two units: Price and Garrick with do house-to-house clearing on Al-Qatala cells with assistance from the ULF, whilst Alex, Farah and Hadir will intercept The Wolf in a crossroads on the Highway of Death. In the crossroads, Alex, Farah and Hadir with ULF fighters attacked Al-Qatala forces moving in the area. Eliminating suicide trucks, mortars and snipers, ULF managed to cripple Al-Qatala movements until the Russians intervened, bombing Al-Qatala and sending an armored force to intercept The Wolf and eliminate all resistance, which includes the ULF. Outnumbered and desperate, Hadir revealed the stolen chlorine gas and used it against the Russian, and killing everyone in the area, outing him as the thief of the Russian gas. As Farah and Alex was incapacitated by the gas, Hadir apologized to Alex, as he was desparate to defeat the Russians, he decided to steal the gas. Some time later, with the gas dissipates, Alex and Farah were rescued by Price and Garrick. 

With the situation out of hand, Laswell authorized execute authority to Price, Garrick, Alex and Farah to capture or execute The Wolf in his compound. As Price and Garrick cleared the compound, Alex and Farah moved in to help secure the compound. Acting on information from a local, Farah and Alex moved to the tunnels below the compound, before being separated from Price and Garrick. Alex and Farah cleared the tunnels and managed to kill The Wolf and disarm the bomb that he has on him. 

Defying Orders and Final MissionEdit

With The Wolf dead, Al-Qatala has no field leader, but with the gas unaccounted for, the US was forced to assign the ULF as a terror organization, a decision that the team disagrees with, even forcing Price to threaten US Marine Colonel Norris over the decision. Disappointed and outraged with the decision, Alex decided to defy Laswell's orders and attach himself with the ULF, to Farah's surprise. 

As Price and Garrick did missions to counter Al-Qatala in Russia and captured Hadir in Moldova, they managed to get information of Barkov's gas factory in Georgia. Alex was present on sniper duty as Garrick and Price negotiated with Farah to gain their help to destroy the factory, which was successful. With assistance from Price's contact Nikolai and US unmarked assets from Laswell, units from the CIA, SAS and ULF assaults the factory, with Alex and Farah moving to plant explosives provided by Nikolai in the factory furnace. As they fight, a heavily armored Spetsnaz Juggernaut comes out of the door that leads to the furnace and starts to assault Alex. Alex and Farah manage to kill the Juggernaut but then after they go into the furnace, Alex reveals that during the fight between him and the Spetsnaz Juggernaut, the detonator had been damaged and was not usable. Farah then tells Alex that she will go and ignite the furnace, sacrificing her life for her family and the people of Urzikstan. Alex negotiates and says that he's always been on assignments his whole life and this is one that will satisfy him and something he believes in. He also explains to Farah that someone needs to ignite the furnace and someone needs to kill Barkov, as Farah, in revenge, has always wanted to finish Barkov. Farah then understands his request and accepts his order. Alex sends one of his last messages to Farah, after which he sacrifices his life. Captain Price and Sergeant Garrick fight off the last of the remaining Spetsnaz soldiers and set the pipeline charges. In the meanwhile of this happening, Nikolai and farah sneak their way into Barkov's helicopter. Farah stabs Barkov about 6-8 times in his body as Nikolai retracts the back slide of the helicopter. Barkov's last words said to Farah that her country breeds terrorists and asks her, "Do you see it now? I was trying to protect Russia." Farah then throws Barkov off the helicopter and announces in the radio that Roman Barkov is dead. Alex confirms that the charges are set and that he is waiting for the order of when he is supposed to set it off. Farah thanks Alex and his last words were "I'm not getting out of here, let's do this." Price announces the blast and then Alex and Garrick set off the charges, with Alex sacrificing his own life to destroy the facility.



  • A uniform patch that is located on Alex's left shoulder is reminiscent of the emblem of Task Force 141.


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