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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

"I'm Conrad, the shooter, but I cross-trained as a medic and I've got a full trauma kit with me. I can get your wounds properly dressed and square right away right now."
— Alice Conrad introducing herself to Team Phi.

Alice Conrad was a former Winslow Accord operative and was the sniper of Winslow Accord Special Forces team Phi. She appears in the Call of Duty: Black Ops III prequel comic and is mentioned in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.


Early life[]

Alice Conrad was born in Denver in 2031. Orphaned at an early age, Conrad spent most of her childhood in and out of foster homes across the country. She studied medicine at the University of Washington after graduating high school in 2049, but dropped out in 2052 to enlist in the United States Army. Conrad aced the ASVAB test before volunteering for the U.S. Army Rangers. She qualified as a Ranger in 2053.[2]

In 2056, Conrad became a sniper in the 75th Ranger Regiment and a year later she was accepted into the Winslow Accord Special Forces. She became a member of wetworks team Phi in 2059. Under the command of Jacob Hendricks, Conrad served with fellow team members John Taylor, Dylan Stone, Joseph Fierro, Javier Ramirez and Eamon Xu.

Military career[]

Conrad's first mission with team Phi took place in Helsinki, when the team was after the Wet Witch Mokrie Baba and her asset, Maxim Chernakov. Conrad and Fierro were called in to assist the team, due to injuries that Taylor and Hendricks sustained from an earlier encounter with Chernakov's henchmen. When arriving at Chernakov's hideout, their VTOL was shot down. Facing heavy resistance, Conrad was given permission to take down Chernakov. She then proceeded to battle him hand-to-hand. After a long, bloodied fight, Conrad was heavily injured, but was saved by Stone, who eliminated Chernakov with a shot to the head. As they return to base, Conrad notifies the team of Chernakov's rambling about a Red Witch, Krasney Baba.


In 2064, Stone, Conrad, Fierro and Ramirez were operating in the quarantine zone in Singapore when they responded to a priority alert signal originating from underneath the abandoned Coalescence Corporation facility. They discovered the remains of a secret CIA black project, SP/CORVUS, that caused the disaster in Singapore that killed 300,000 people. After informing their superiors of their discovery, they were marked for termination. Stone and his team turned on the CIA, killing CIA personnel and leaking classified information to the CDP. Hendricks and Taylor were dispatched to eliminate the four traitors.

Stone and his team attempted to defect to the CDP, cutting all ties with the Winslow Accord and supporting the Nile River Coalition in Egypt. After capturing and interrogating Dr. Salim, one of the surviving members of the CIA black project, Conrad was captured by Hendricks and Taylor. Taylor executed Conrad after interrogating her for information on Stone's whereabouts, much to Hendricks' dismay.

In the simulation created by Corvus for the Player, Conrad was replaced by Sarah Hall. However, Hall's interrogation was conducted via forced Direct Neural Interface (DNI) extraction, whereas Conrad was interrogated and killed via more conventional means as she lacked a DNI.