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"Scarlett, we all owe your father a great debt. We will do whatever it takes to get him back."
Bruno Delacroix

Alistair Rhodes is a character appearing in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies. He is the father of Scarlett Rhodes. He can be heard in radios in the map Voyage of Despair, and is mentioned in the map IX. He appears physically in Dead of the Night, where he is captured by The Order. He also appears physically in Ancient Evil.

At some point, he, alongside two other members of The Order were turned to stone by Medusa.



  • Alistair seems to have taken part in several trophy hunting as seen by the many trophies displayed in the Trophy Room and the Master Bedroom in Rhodes Manor such as, tiger, rhino and lion heads, various antlers, a stuffed bear, bear and zebra rugs and elephant tusks.
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