• If the guard in the church tower is alerted, he will lift up the ladder to the tower.
Blown up church CoD4

If the helicopter by the church is alerted, it will open fire and destroy it.

  • The map-reflection image visible on the scope of the M21 changes map exactly eight times.
  • If the helicopter by the church is alerted, the helicopter will open fire on the church, destroying the tower and roof.
  • Strangely, if the player swaps out their USP .45 for an RPG-7, Stinger, G36C or P90, they will receive an AK-47 in "One Shot, One Kill". However, if they swap their USP for an AK, they will be given the USP back in "One Shot, One Kill".
  • The enemy troops that accompany the BMPs will walk into a radioactive zone but will not be affected.
  • After the BMPs have reached the road and all the enemy patrols have left, they will stop and the player can shoot at the BMPs without raising any alarm. The soldiers will vanish into thin air.
  • If the player goes prone in the house with enemies inside at the beginning of the level, the enemies will not see the player until he is almost right next to them.
  • The developers decided to change the weapons that the two men would carry, because in the E3 trailer and in the first screenshots from the game, Cpt. MacMillan was carrying a silenced M4A1. This can also be seen in the boxart for the game.
  • Even if the player fires beside their faces, silenced weapons do not alert enemies upon being fired, unless it wounds an enemy.
  • A statue of a figure holding a PPSh-41 can be encountered by the church. The statue can be seen as a giant grave marker in the cemetery next to the church. Certain renditions of this statue include two figures.
  • This level is much more colorful in the Wii version of the game. Instead of gloomy gray and brown colors, the Wii version features autumn colors, such as orange, red, yellow and green.
  • If the player kills the third guard and allows the patrol by the church to pass, it will trigger a different dialogue from MacMillan when the player exits the church, even causing the Hind that passes overhead to circle around.
  • If the player follows the BMPs traveling down the road, they will just stop after about 50 meters. The sound of the BMPs moving is still audible however.
  • As seen in localization strings, the level originally was called "Zones of Exclusion", it was placed in 1995, and the player used a Barrett .50cal instead of the M21.
  • The guard near the shipping crate and the sniper at the top of the fire escape both don't have to appear if the player is fast enough.
  • If the player listens closely while entering the kitchen, they will hear ghost children playing around.
  • The dog that's eating a dead Ultranationalist outside the kitchen can be targeted and killed with a Stinger launcher.
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