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Alone is a song featured within Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on the Zombies map Die Maschine. It is written and performed by Kevin Sherwood, with vocals by Clark S. Nova. Mixing was done by Scott Eckert, with Vocal Engineering done by Shawn Jimmerson and Vocal Editing done by Malukah.


They buried a well where the seven fell

Our volunteers die by machine and living doors lie unforeseen now

Seal him in

Believe in

Project a means to an end

What he breaks we will mend

He'll keep it all for him

Imagine every answer with no one in his way

Dividing as he conquers

We'll send him far away from

Ad te omnis caro veniet

Spin around

And around (3x)


In river he drowns

By storm he is bound

Spin around


We're running from

Becoming one

We carve it out of stone

Our destiny to die

Are we alone? (2x)

We're coming home

Unless it means we are alone

We buried it well

No revealing tell

Where the horns impale above the sky

Forsaken born thorn in our side

Warn no one

No warning

Our memory just fades away

And the worn wears away

We'll keep it all for us

Imagine every answer with no one in our way

Dividing as we conquer

And end up far away from

Dies irae,

Dies illa solvet

Cycle on




Circuit down

In river we drown

By storm we are bound

Shut down



Running from

Becoming one

You carve it out of stone

Your mystery to live and die

You are alone (2x)

Become the one

And find someone to end the waiting

Given within a martyr that we made

Dies in vain

Riven within a gift of rending pain

Endless skein


Dissolve in deep unknown

Leaving well alone

No one knows

And nothing will grow now

And no one's here

So no more fear

We run away from

A way of running

We are alone

Are we alone? (7x)

We alone

All alone

We're alone

Can't run or breathe

Why can't I see

How can it begin to be

Dark and leave us all


And are we


Are we

We are

We all die





  • Alone features various phrases and words in Latin.
    • The phrase "Ad te omnis caro veniet" translates to "To you, all flesh will come".
      • Furthermore, the phrase itself is taken from the Christian Bible, specifically Psalm 65:2 ("O thou that hearest thy prayer, unto thee all flesh shall come").
    • Dies irae, dies illa solvet" roughly translates to "Day of wrath, that day which shall consume".
    • "Saeclum" translates to "age", or "generation".