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"Here at Broken Arrow, it is our Mission to Prepare for Humanity's Future and Open New Worlds..."
— Mission Briefing

Alpha Omega is the seventh Zombies map featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and the thirty-first map overall. The map was released on July 9th, 2019 on PlayStation 4, and was released on July 16th, 2019 for Xbox One and PC.[1] It serves as the penultimate map of the Aether Story.


Alpha Omega is a reimagined and heavily expanded version of Nuketown, taking elements from both the Nuketown Zombies map and the Nuketown point of interest in Blackout. Set at the Broken Arrow facility prior to what was thought to be a nuclear explosion that leveled the testing site, Alpha Omega greatly expands on the original predecessor, adding new areas such as the other houses before the cul-de-sac, and allowing players to access the large underground bunker and research facility that resides below the surface. Players will have the ability to play as both Primis and Ultimis characters, though there cannot be two of the same character, such as a Primis and Ultimis Dempsey being present. The map also re-introduces the Ray Gun Mark II, this time with the ability to be upgraded into four variants, each of which possess their own special abilities. The Galvaknuckles from Call of Duty: Black Ops II also return in this map, costing 5000 points as opposed to the original 6000.

Several new enemies are introduced in this map; the Lightning Hounds are electrified versions of normal Hellhounds, Nova 6 Bombers are mutated Nova 6 Crawlers with the ability to empower nearby zombies, and Jolting Jacks are another variant of Nova 6 Crawlers with the ability to shoot lightning ball-based projectiles towards the player.

The Avogadro is featured in the map as the Demonic Announcer, final boss, and main antagonist.



Starting Weapons
Special Weapons
Off-Wall Weapons
Mystery Box

Easter Eggs

Story Easter Egg

Main article: Electromagnetic Awakening Party

The central Easter Egg for Alpha Omega is Electromagnetic Awakening Party which tasks the combined forces of Primis and Ultimis to begin to enact the plan of Primis Nikolai from his reading of the Kronorium, Beginning at a nuclear test site in Nevada.

Music Easter Eggs

  • An easter egg song titled I Am The Well, sung by Clark S. Nova, can be activated by interacting with three A.D.A.M. heads in different parts of the map.
    • Below the side of the bed closest to the wall in the upstairs of the Green House.
    • In the corner of the small office before entering APD Control, in front of the open barrier.
    • On a red chair to the left of the billiards table in the Lounge.
  • Another song titled Frequency can be activated by inputting the code 7283 (RAVE) into Rushmore, which turns the "Beds" area of the bunker into a disco. The song can only be heard while in the area.

Miscellaneous Easter Eggs

  • Several different four digit codes can be inserted into Rushmore, which can be used to activate small hidden easter eggs.
  • The player can activate Sergeant A.D.A.M., who acts similar to the Civil Protector from Shadows of Evil. He can be activated by finding the four authorization codes and inputting them into Rushmore.
    • Operation Toy Soldier Code - On a clipboard beneath the world map in the Operations house. This one is always the same 7626.
    • Sawyer Code - On a desk to the left of the Saug 9mm, in the corner on the other side of the room to the left of the door to the street, and upstairs on the console at the back of the room in the APD Interrogation house.
    • McCain Code - Under a stack of papers on a console next to the blast doors within the APD Control. Melee or shot the stack of papers to reveal the code.
    • Pernell Code - In the drawer of the desk on the second floor of the Yellow House. Requires a key to open, which can be found in a key box in the small office in Solitary.
  • Shooting off all of the A.D.A.M. heads around the map will cause the next round to consist only of A.D.A.Ms. After completing this round, the player will be rewarded with a free perk, which can be collected in front of the Nuketown sign.
  • Knifing off all of the A.D.A.M. heads around the map will summon a "weeping angel" A.D.A.M., who will constantly follow the player around, but will freeze in place when looked at. This particular A.D.A.M. is immune, and will only disappear by reuniting it with a female A.D.A.M. in the Generators. From there, the two will enter the upstairs shed and reward the player with a self-revive.
  • Knifing off all of the A.D.A.M. heads around the map with Galvaknuckles will spawn an A.D.A.M. next to the Pack-a-Punch Machine. Upon aiming at it, the player will trigger a jumpscare of an A.D.A.M. head.
  • There is a lone A.D.A.M. located in the desert behind the Green House, and aiming at it with a sniper scope will trigger a jumpscare.


Intro Cutscene


Fade in to a shot of the hand of a dead man, a musket, and the Kronorium. There is a depiction of Edward Richtofen being bled to death by the Dark Mechanism, but it begins to fade away. The sound of gunshots can be heard in the distance as they illuminate the ground.

Primis Nikolai Belinski: A little learning is... a dangerous thing. Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian Spring.

The Kronorium closes.

Nikolai: So goes the poem.

Fade to Samantha Maxis standing before an Apothicon Elder God.

Nikolai: I... understand it's meaning.

Samantha closes her eyes, before opening them once again as they glow. She screams, letting out a blast of energy, splitting the Elder God in half.

The Summoning Key can be seen spinning, as well as Ultimis "Tank" Dempsey being killed at Griffin Station, as well as Primis Takeo Masaki killing his Ultimis self at Pohnpei. The blood splatters the screen.

Nikolai: I have drunk so deeply, that my every fiber aches with the pain of what has been...

The Kronorium is seen again atop a pile of skulls, as a drawing of Primis Nikolai, Dempsey and Takeo as well as Ultimis Richtofen standing before Doctor Monty's house in Agartha. This too fades away.

Nikolai: ...And the pain of what has yet to come.

Samantha is seen floating in the M.P.D.

Nikolai: I fear it may drive me insane.

Two Broken Arrow scientists can be seen working at a terminal as the lightbulbs shatter, and electricity begins shooting out of the tesla coils nearby. A group of Zombies appears as blood splatters the screen once again.

Thunder can be heard as Monty is seen standing in a forest, a stern look on his face.

Nikolai: Worlds.

The Shadowman stands outside of Monty's house in the rain. A hand can then be seen on a Power Switch, and then a shot of Peter McCain hanging at the Rising Sun Facility.

Nikolai: Wars.

Abigail "Misty" Briarton looks up in the sky in awe, as Samuel J. Stuhlinger is seen on his knees, pleading to someone as he cries.

Nikolai: Souls. All torn asunder by the journeys our madness has wrought.

Ultimis Richtofen is seen laughing after having teleported Maxis and Samantha at Der Riese. The War of Agartha can be seen being waged as Keepers battle Elder Gods and Margwas.

Nikolai: It is only now, NOW, that I understand the path of bloodshed and sacrifice that lays ahead.

Monty enters Samantha's room as Eddie hides behind Samantha.

Nikolai: And how such knowledge must have gnawed, and clawed at the German's mind.

The Summoning Key is seen spinning again as Doctor Monty, in his true form, leads the uncorrupted Keepers. Meanwhile, the Shadowman leads those tainted by the Dark Aether. Each army marches at each other, their footsteps echoing across the battlegrounds.

Nikolai: I pity him. From this day on... it is my burden to bear. I know what must be done, and who must do it. May they all have mercy on my soul.

Outro Cutscene


The nuclear explosion can be seen outside Camp Edward, leaving a massive crater in the distance. The shot pans and zooms towards the garage where Primis and Ultimis are.

Primis Edward Richtofen: Happy, Nikolai? Everything turning out as the Kronorium predicted?

Primis Nikolai Belinski holds the blue, glowing Elemental Shard in his hand.

Primis Nikolai Belinski: We have what we came for... the Elemental Shard.

Ultimis Nikolai: Hooray for us...

Ultimis Nikolai takes a drink of vodka before belching. However, a voice comes from a radio in the garage.

Ludvig Maxis: It's too late!

Primis Richtofen: Maxis...?

Maxis can be seen in the House's basement at Agartha, sealing Samantha and Eddie in the MTD. The teleporter begins to power up. Maxis shouts again into the microphone, visibly worried.

Maxis: He knows what you're doing!

Maxis fearfully looks behind him as Doctor Monty steps into the basement. Cut back to Primis and Ultimis, who are intently listening to the events transpire.

Ultimis Takeo Masaki: Who knows? Who does he speak of?

Primis Nikolai: Doctor Monty.

Primis "Tank" Dempsey: What's happening, Nikolai?!

Primis Nikolai sorrowfully looks away, knowing what awaits Maxis. Cut back to Agartha, where Monty is in his true, monstrous form, towering over a tearful Maxis.

Maxis: You... are too late.

Maxis slams the button on the terminal, activating the MTD. Monty leans towards Maxis, before roaring and digging his teeth into Maxis' abdomen as the German screams out in pain. Samantha watches in horror as her father is devoured by Monty, the blood splattering on the MTD door window. Samantha places her hand on the window as she teleports to Camp Edward.

Primis Dempsey: Awww shit. That's all we fuckin' need.

Samantha shouts in anger, releasing a pulse of energy that destroys Camp Edward.

Ultimis Edward Richtofen: Hello, Samantha.

Ultimis Takeo: Who is the boy?

Primis and Ultimis Richtofen stand next to each other.

Primis Richtofen: Erm... that would be us.

Eddie looks at Samantha with a surprised smile on his face.

Samantha Maxis: We're going to fight the war, Eddie. The Great War. Then we're going back to the house to kill him, and burn it all to the ground. Agartha. The Aether. The Infinite.

Samantha's eyes glow yellow.

Samantha: Everything.


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Reels, Radios, Punch Cards and Audio Players

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Documents and Letters

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  • Alpha Omega is described as "4 times the size of the map Nuketown Zombies" from Call of Duty: Black Ops II.
  • It is revealed in the final cutscene that while it was severly damaged by it, it was not the nuclear explosion that destroyed Camp Edward, but rather Samantha, who destroyed the entire facility upon emerging from a teleporter upon witnessing her father's death a second time.
  • If the player uses Theater Mode and remains above-ground when the nuke goes off, nothing in-game will change.