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"It was the first time our government had authorized an assassination order since the Second World War... I was under the command of Captain MacMillan..."
Captain Price

Alpha Team was a two-man British SAS sniper team led by Captain MacMillan, along with Lieutenant Price. On orders from the British government, the team was assigned to sneak into Prypiat, Ukraine and assassinate Imran Zakhaev, an arms dealer and future leader of the Ultranationalist Party.

Mission in PripyatEdit

In 1996, the British government authorized its first assassination order since the Second World War, on Imran Zakhaev, a Russian arms dealer who would soon be purchasing spent fuel rods salvaged from the ruined Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant. The mission was to be carried out by Alpha Team. The first objective was to sneak into the abandoned city of Pripyat, Ukraine and set up a sniping position in the Hotel Polyssia. After moving through Ultranationalist patrols undetected, the two snipers completed their first objective and moved on to their second: assassinate Imran Zakhaev. A Barrett M82 was airlifted to their position prior to the mission and would be the weapon used to take out Zakhaev. About three days later, Zakhaev arrived at the arms deal, half a mile away from the two snipers. Price managed to shoot Zakhaev, and although the shot did not kill him, it severed his left arm. MacMillan claimed that "shock and blood loss will do the rest".

Shortly after, the sniper team is compromised and after shooting down an enemy Mi-28, they escaped from the building and proceeded to Extraction Point Four - the amusement park. On the way, another Mi-28 appeared and it too was shot down; however, the chopper went down "hot" and when it crashed, shrapnel wounded Captain MacMillan. Price carried him to the extraction point near the Ferris Wheel with Ultranationalists hot on their trail. After a fierce firefight, the two snipers managed to hold back waves of Ultranationalists until the extraction team of U.S. Marines arrived in a CH-46 Sea Knight and safely evacuated both snipers.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Edit

In Blood Brothers, Yuri explains to Price that him and Vladimir Makarov were present at the time of One Shot, One Kill, where it was revealed that he and Makarov were the ones who drove Zakhaev to safety following the assassination attempt.

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