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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies

"When a man bleeds, the flesh grows weak. When a god bleeds, the world trembles."
— Mission Briefing

Altar of Blood is a Nazi Zombies Survival map in Call of Duty: WWII. The map is an endless survival version of the third chapter "Beneath the Ice" within The Tortured Path. It can only be played in custom matches.


Unlike the map's original version, Altar of Blood features traditional features, such as the Mystery Box and several Weapon Lockers, with the weapon lockers being in place of where the Waffenboxes are in the original map. The Ubersprengen is located in the same place as it is in the normal map, but it cannot be activated until the three devices around the map are charged, which can only be finished starting after Wave 9. The Mystery Box appears within the altar room, being located on the rightmost wall to the throne. There is also a single Geistchild machine, located between the Laufenblitz and Schnellblitz perk machines on the left side of the map.

Enemies featured within the map are normal Zombies, Pests, which begin to spawn on Wave 5, Bombers, which begin to spawn on Wave 8, and Wüstlings, which begin to spawn on Wave 10. On every tenth round, a single Brenner will spawn, like Bodega Cervantes.

Easter Eggs

Sword of Barbarossa

If the player has reforged the Sword of Barbarossa in The Tortured Path, they can obtain the Sword of Barbarossa, this can be done by depositing 1,750 Jolts on each of the four Sacrifice Stones around the map, with the correct amount being signified by a noise and a red burst of Geistkraft around where the Jolts are dropped. An additional 1,750 Jolts needs to be placed in the bowls around the Forge altar in the centeral room with the same affect as before signifying that the amount is correct.

With the Jolts placed, the Forge will produce a white pulse around itself. Being downed in the blood pool around the Forge will instead immediately revive the downed player, giving them full Geistschild and the Sword of Barbarossa. However in solo, if Lebenblitz was purchased it will be consumed.

Upgraded Ubersprengen

The Ubersprengen can be upgraded with a battery similar to the hidden function of The Darkest Shore. To do this, a code consisting of seven runes from the Elder Futhark runic alphabet must be assembled using info from Bodega Cervantes and U.S.S. Mount Olympus. With the runic code in hand, it can be input by shooting the runic wall opposite the Kugelblitz machine. The code is: , , , , , , . With the code input, a hidden section of rock to the left of the Laufenblitz machine will open up revealing a battery. Upon picking it up, it will be placed on the Ubersprengen automatically allowing the Ripsaw, Tesla Gun, Ice Pick, Trench Knife and Baseball Bat to be upgraded.


There are five symbols of the Jack-in-the-Box hidden around the map that can be activated by throwing a Jack-in-the-Box at them, destroying them when it explodes. These symbols are located:

  • Behind and above the Lebenblitz machine.
  • Above the M1 Garand behind some pottery, to the left of the opening.
  • Hidden in-between the barrels behind the Schnellblitz machine.
  • Above the doorway leading from the Kugelblitz machine to the Schildblitz machine, in-between some pottery.
  • Hidden on the platform above the M1903 Weapon Locker, on the ceiling near the scaffolding.

When all are destroyed, an earthquake will occur in the map and a box of flares along with the Kontrollgranates will fall onto the staircase to the Blood Forge. They can be picked up and utilised as Tactical Equipment, it shares the function and look of the Mk. V Gas Grenade but with red gas which causes zombies that stumble into the gas to become allied to the player, attacking other zombies.


  • After a large amount of kills with the Bloodletting Spikes, the mummified head used to activate the trap will gain a pair of sunglasses overtop its eyepatch. This is purely cosmetical.
  • After Wave 25, the player(s) is more likely to receive the Tesla Gun and its variants, the Ripsaw, and the three melee weapons from the Mystery Box.


Starting Weapons
Weapon Lockers
Mystery Box


Blitz Machines