No Sacrifice Too Great achievement image WWII
Previous level Battle of the Bulge
Next level The Rhine
Game Call of Duty: WWII
Character Ronald "Red" Daniels
Team US 1st Infantry Division SSI 1st Infantry Division
Place The Ardennes, Belgium
Longview, Texas (dream)
Date December 27th, 1944
March 6th, 1945
March 20th, 1945 (dream)
Objective Ambush the German Transport.
Climb into the Truck.
Infiltrate the Air Base.
Reach an Overwatch Position.
Kill the Base Commander (optional).
Provide Overwatch for Pierson.
Reach the Tower.
Provide Overwatch for Pierson.
Rescue Zussman.
Enemies Balkenkreuz Wehrmacht

Flag Schutzstaffel Waffen-SS

Multiplayer map Ardennes Forest, Operation Griffin
"Pierson's gone to a dark place. I can feel myself gettin' dragged down with'im. But I gotta stay sharp if I'm gonna make you proud, brother."
— Mission Briefing

"Ambush" is the tenth campaign level in Call of Duty: WWII.

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Starting Loadout
Stealth Part
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  • Davis erroneously refers to Daniels as a Private instead of a Corporal when he explains Pierson's involvment in the Battle of Kasserine Pass.
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