For a similar weapon, see MG42.
"Fully automatic. Increased damage and range with a slower rate of fire for stability."
— Description.

The Ameli is a light machine gun that appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts.


The Ameli is used by the Federation in Legends Never Die and All or Nothing.


The Ameli behaves similarly to the M60 and M60E4 from games past in that it has very high damage up close, consistent damage over range, a low fire rate, and moderate recoil. Its high damage output slightly offsets its very low rate of fire in close quarters, allowing for two shot kills out to a respectable range. In the right hands and with the right attachments, the Ameli can be used in a number of roles. With Rapid Fire attached it becomes a powerful weapon in close engagements where the increased recoil won't be as much of a factor (using a Grip can mitigate this somewhat), allowing it to beat out SMGs and assault rifles due to its increased fire rate and two shot kill ability. On the other hand, it's effective at long ranges as well, dropping off to only a 4 shot kill at extreme distances, the best in the LMG class. An optic such as the Tracker Sight or the Thermal Hybrid Scope are ideal for highlighting enemies across long sightlines or in difficult to see places. Interestingly, the Ameli has a 25% recoil increase for the first 3 shots fired when the trigger is pulled, meaning that burst firing is not as useful as on other weapons; continuous fire is recommended at medium to long range in order to put shots on target easier.




Under Barrel



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