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For other uses, see Resupply Crate and Ammo Crate (pointstreak).

There are five different types of ammo in Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction mode. The different types of ammo include Normal ammo, Stun Ammo, Incendiary Ammo, Explosive Ammo, and Armor Piercing Ammo. Each ammo type has a special ability, except the normal ammo. The player is able to carry normal ammo and one type of special ammo at the same time.


Normal Ammo [Cost: $1000-$1250]Edit

Initial - Refill bullet weapons to 40% of max ammo.

+1 - Cost: 1 - Refill bullet weapons to 70% of max ammo.

+2 - Cost: 1 - Fills the team's weapons ammo stock to the maximum.

+3 - Cost: 1 - Fills the current magazine before adding max ammo.

+4 - Cost: 2 - Ammo regenerates for players within a 20ft radius of the box. (Refills 10% max ammo every six seconds.)

This ammo is regular, with no special bonus.

Special Ammo Types & UpgradesEdit

Initial - Gives 30% max stock ____ Ammo to all weapons.

+1 - Cost: 1 - Gives 40% max stock ____ Ammo to all weapons.

+2 - Cost: 1 - Gives 50% max stock ____ Ammo to all weapons.

+3 - Cost: 1 - Gives 60% max stock ____ Ammo to all weapons.

+4 - Cost: 1 (2 for CS ammo) - Gives 70% max stock ____ Ammo to all weapons.


  • Higher Grade Armor Piercing Ammo - 5 Teeth - Armor Piercing Ammo will inflict increased damage.
  • Higher Quality Incendiary Ammo - 5 Teeth - Incendiary Ammo does more total damage.
  • Arcing Stun Ammo - 50 Teeth - Stun Ammo will arc electricity from one Cryptid to another in close proximity. The amount of times it arcs is dependent on the upgrade level of the player's Stun Ammo


  • Ammo, Team Support & money crates will disappear after ninety seconds.
  • Weapons will always be one less shot to kill with each ammo upgrade.
  • Ammo will not be refilled until the box hits the ground.
  • Special Ammo found in search piles gives the player 30% of that ammo type (The same as a regular box).
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