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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode
For other uses, see Resupply Crate and Ammo Crate (pointstreak).

There are six different types of ammo in Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction mode. The different types of ammo include Normal ammo, Stun Ammo, Incendiary Ammo, Explosive Ammo, Armor Piercing Ammo, and Cryptid Slayer Ammo, the lattermost being an Armory upgrade that replaces the Normal Ammo.

When deployed, the player will receive ammo for all weapons that can receive ammo through ammo crates. The person who threw the crate receives the benefit immediately, while others have to walk up to the crate and retrieve it themselves.

Typically, players will be encouraged by others to agree to use one specific type of ammo so as to not have the aforementioned problem of conflicting special ammo types causing ammo to be wasted. In a match with multiple players, ammo for the whole team is usually provided by one player to avoid that problem.

All ammo crates do not affect launchers, which use alternative methods to resupplying them, Equalizers, which have their own separate ammo pools, nor special weapons such as the SOFLAM, Venom-X, and the NX-1 Disruptor.

The Limited Ammo relic will reduce the amount of ammo a player with the active relic will get from a dropped ammo crate. This cannot be bypassed by simply upgrading the ammo either, as Limited Ammo will always force players into getting the same fixed percentage of ammo loaded into their weapons regardless of how highly upgraded the ammo is. For this reason, players using Limited Ammo in Solo Play need not worry about upgrading their ammo.

Normal Ammo[]

Normal ammo is found loaded into every weapon the player finds for the first time. It is loaded by default into the player's Handgun at the start of the game, and every weapon the player buys will have regular ammo by default. Normal ammo for the user's active weapon that they bought can be purchased by returning to the weapon buy area and repeating the purchase process, with the additional ammo costing $1500.

Normal ammo can also be thrown by players as an ammo crate. To compensate for the lack of secondary effect this ammo has, in addition to its higher cost, normal ammo will give more ammo per box than most special ammo crates. Further upgrading the ammo crate can make it reload a player's magazines before maxing out ammo, as well as regenerating ammo for nearby players without them even touching the box. The ammo regeneration effect even works on players that are using Earn Your Keep, who usually cannot interact with the supply crates that teammates throw on the ground. This is the only way that players who use Earn Your Keep can receive ammo for free. The ammo regeneration and active magazine reloading effects of the final two upgrades can also act as a great workaround to those using Limited Ammo, as players using Limited Ammo usually gain little to no benefit from the first two upgrades.

Deploying normal ammo gives different quotes from the person throwing the ammo than normal, to distinguish it from special ammo throws.

Normal ammo does not conflict with special ammo types, and will never replace a player's loaded special ammo should a player take ammo from a normal ammo box. Because it does not replace preexisting ammo under any circumstances, normal ammo boxes are often used by players who do not have access to Cryptid Slayer Ammo but are playing with someone who has access to Cryptid Slayer Ammo, as a failsafe to prevent the user/other players from accidentally discarding their special ammo. Otherwise, the normal ammo type is scarcely used when the player has the ability to choose their ammo type.

Special Ammo[]

Special ammo crates are usually a little bit less expensive than the Normal Ammo crates, and the ammo has an additional effect against Cryptids. To compensate for this increased utility, Special Ammo provides less ammo per crate than Normal Ammo, maxing out at providing 70% of the maximum special ammo loadout in one box. As well, it is not capable of receiving some of the upgrades that a normal ammo box can provide, such as filling the magazine before giving ammo, or regenerating ammo for nearby players.

Only one special ammo type can be loaded into a player's weapon at a time. If special ammo of a different type is acquired by a player who already has special ammo, the previous special ammo type is completely discarded from the player's weapon(s), and the new special ammo is loaded in its place. When special ammo is loaded, ammo statistics displayed in the HUD will only pertain to that special ammo. The statistics for normal ammo are not visible until the special ammo in that weapon is completely expended, so players will not be able to see how much normal ammo their weapons have when special ammo is present.

Incendiary Ammo specifically has a glitch associated with it, where any bullet-based minigun turrets - be it the immovable minigun turrets or a Portable Minigun Turret - will gain an incendiary effect on bullets fired from them if the user has Incendiary Ammo loaded in the weapon they had in use before operating the turret.

Cryptid Slayer Ammo[]

Costing 500 teeth from the Armory, making it one of the most expensive Armory upgrades of all, the Cryptid Slayer Ammo is the most powerful ammo option available. It gives as much ammo per upgrade as regular ammo while also having the effects of Stun Ammo, Incendiary Ammo, Explosive Ammo, and Armor Piercing ammo built into it at once. As a trade off for its massively increased firepower and quantity, Cryptid Slayer Ammo costs $2000 per box, making it by far the most expensive of the ammo crates, and making it one of the most expensive items in Extinction. Despite its very high cost, Cryptid Slayer Ammo is the preferred ammo type in Extinction should a player have it available just due to the sheer quantity and quality of the ammo provided with each box.

Despite giving as much ammo per box as regular ammo, as well as having the same upgrade properties as regular ammo, it is treated in-game as a type of special ammo. When deployed by a user, on Point of Contact, they will use the standard "Special ammo ready!" callout that applies to other special ammo types. On DLC maps, however, the user that deployed the ammo will default to saying "Explosive rounds ready!" with their callout.

Cryptid Slayer Ammo is affected by Armory upgrades that affect the various ammo types that are integrated into the gun.

The same incendiary glitch that affects minigun turrets can also be triggered with Cryptid Slayer Ammo.

Ammo from Search Piles[]

Ammo is able to be acquired from Search Piles. There are three different types of ammo loot from a Search Pile:

  • The search pile returns one full magazine of regular ammo to whatever weapon the player currently has in their hands. If the reserve ammo is maxed out for the specific weapon the player is holding, then the player will not be permitted to accept the clip for that weapon, although a weapon that does not have maxed out reserve ammo can still accept it, granted that the player switches to it. This is not affected by Limited Ammo.
  • The search pile returns an ammo box that maxes out the regular reserve ammo for all weapons the player currently has. The player will make a positive comment upon this outcome occurring. If the player has completely maxed out reserve ammo across all weapons the player has, then the player is not permitted to accept this item.
  • The search pile returns a random type of special ammo if the weapon the player currently has in their hands doesn't have any special ammo loaded in it. This search pile gives 30% special ammo for all weapons the player currently has that can accept special ammo. The player can accept this special ammo even if the player has maxed out special ammo in all of their weapons. Cryptid Slayer Ammo cannot be given at random and the player will need Cryptid Slayer Ammo to be loaded in their weapon for it to be possible to acquire from search piles.
    • Additionally, the search pile may be forced to return the same special ammo that the player's equipped weapon currently has loaded in it. If the player's weapon they have in use when searching has special ammo loaded in it, the search pile cannot give a differing special ammo type from that particular weapon. This can be useful to receive more of a particular special ammo, especially if it's the expensive Cryptid Slayer Ammo.


Normal Ammo [Cost: $1000-$1250][]

Note: Cryptid Slayer Ammo follows the same upgrade path as Normal Ammo. Initial - Refill bullet weapons to 40% of max ammo.

+1 - Cost: 1 - Refill bullet weapons to 70% of max ammo.

+2 - Cost: 1 - Fills the team's weapons ammo stock to the maximum.

+3 - Cost: 1 - Fills the current magazine before adding max ammo.

+4 - Cost: 2 - Ammo regenerates for players within a 20ft radius of the box. (Refills 10% max ammo every six seconds.)

This ammo is regular, with no special bonus.

Special Ammo Types & Upgrades[]

Initial - Gives 30% max stock ____ Ammo to all weapons.

+1 - Cost: 1 - Gives 40% max stock ____ Ammo to all weapons.

+2 - Cost: 1 - Gives 50% max stock ____ Ammo to all weapons.

+3 - Cost: 1 - Gives 60% max stock ____ Ammo to all weapons.

+4 - Cost: 1 - Gives 70% max stock ____ Ammo to all weapons.


  • Higher Grade Armor Piercing Ammo - 5 Teeth - Armor Piercing Ammo will inflict increased damage.
  • Higher Quality Incendiary Ammo - 5 Teeth - Incendiary Ammo does more total damage.
  • Arcing Stun Ammo - 50 Teeth - Stun Ammo will arc electricity from one Cryptid to another in close proximity. The amount of times it arcs is dependent on the upgrade level of the player's Stun Ammo


  • Ammo, Team Support & money crates will disappear after ninety seconds.
  • Ammo will not be refilled until the box hits the ground.
  • Cryptid slayer ammo and explosive ammo possess a passive 10% increase of damage for each bullet landed, however, this negates both damage bonuses of the weapon specialist, making it deal effectively less damage when using one of these types of ammo, although this does not apply with the rest types of ammo.