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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts

For the ammo in Extinction, see Ammo (Extinction).
For a cut poinstreak, see Grenade Crate.
For the crate for resupplying, see Resupply Crate.
"Deploy a Box of Guns that supplies weaponry and ammo for your team."
— Menu description.

 The Ammo Crate is a 6 pointstreak in the Support Strike Chain featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Players can move next to it to replenish one magazine of ammo (players can resupply as many times as they want every 10 seconds, so long as they are within its proximity). Players also have the option to switch one of their current weapons for a random weapon (with two, maybe more, random attachments/sometimes a minigun or grenade launcher) once per spawn. It has a 60-second life span, but it quickly expires after five weapons have been obtained from it; enemies can also destroy it. 


  • It is possible to pull out a weapon with four attachments, such as an FP6 with Red Dot Sight , Muzzle Brake , Foregrip , and Slug Rounds.
  • Before a patch, weapons taken from the Ammo Crate could not be used for the "Scavenger" field order "Earn 2 kills from a picked up weapon."
  • It is also possible to obtain DLC weapons without actually purchasing the associated DLC pack; such as a basic Maverick assault rifle with no attachments pulled out of the crate at random.
  • On the multiplayer map Unearthed as part of the Devastation DLC, if an Ammo Crate is thrown down there is a small chance the player will get a Venom-X, as the weapon is featured on the map exclusively as an Easter Egg.
    • The Venom-X replaces the Minigun as the 'Special Weapon'.
  • It is not possible to obtain a Pistol, the Combat Knife or the Riot Shield from the Ammo Crate.
  • If the player pulls a Minigun or Venom-X out of the Ammo Box 3 times, they complete an operation and get a patch.