Amon Rahar (Arabic: آمون رهار) is a minor character in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. He is the son of Jamal Rahar and has a mother named Ousa.

In "Old Comrades", Amon and his mother are kidnapped by Nikolai and brought to "The Butcher", his father, as he is being held hostage by Price and Garrick. The two are used as leverage in order to get The Butcher to talk.

As Garrick, the player has the option to shoot Jamal Rahar, however the gun will click as Price did not load it. Afterwards, Price sets the bullets down on the table and gives the player the option to shoot The Butcher. Player cannot kill Amon nor Ousa, since it will count as killing civillian and fail the mission. They are later retrieved by Russian police as they raid the warehouse where they were held.

Trivia Edit

  • If the player shoots Amon many times, they will get a message: Are you serious?, and it will kick them out of the mission, like in the Clean House.
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