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An-G is an A.I. in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. She is the Exo Zombies equivalent of the Demonic Announcer. She announces to the players when a power-up is picked up, when a round of Hosts or Security Dogs spawn, when a 3D Printer breaks, when a door is opened, and when a Power Switch is activated. She also converses with the characters when they talk to her.

When the main easter egg in Outbreak is completed, she will give access to an enhanced Upgrade Station.

In Infection, An-G no longer communicates with the protagonists; instead, this role is taken by Eagle One. However, she still announces power-ups.

In Carrier, An-G remains present in the Atlas carrier ship as its A.I.. However, due to the characters being exposed to the hallucinogen GS7, they begin to hear Oz's voice in place of An-G's.

She also appears in Descent, where she helps the survivors defeat Oz by lowering the shields protecting the booths he's in. Oz continually insults her throughout the fight.


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