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"WILCO, be advised, I'm all you got. The bulk of my squadron is down or engaging drones."
— Anderson to David Mason

Captain Anderson is a female USAF FA38 pilot who appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops II in the level "Cordis Die".


Attack on Los Angeles

Responding to David Mason's distress call, she arrives at his position to provide overwatch and close air support. She follows the President's convoy until they arrive at the plaza. As Mason separates from the convoy to help the LAPD, she watches as hundreds of enemy anti-air troops and drones attack her and the President. As Mason tries to make it back to them, her wingman is killed and she is shot down. She settles down and is thrown unconscious by a nearby falling building. She is escorted into an ambulance and is evacuated with the President. If Harper is alive, then Anderson will survive no matter what. If Harper is dead, then Section must protect the ambulance when escorting the convoy for Anderson to live and unlock the jet's "sky buster missiles" for Mason from inside the ambulance when he begins chasing drones. 

In the after-credits-dance-party, Anderson can be briefly seen dancing next to the President.


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