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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Mobile

"A survivalist with a weakness to sunburns and a fondness for gothic cathedrals, Anna "Artery" Buckler is an elite German specialist."
— In-game biography

Anna Buckler, also known as Artery is a character featured in Call of Duty: Mobile and was added in the game on May 22, 2020, during Season 6 Once Upon A Time In Rust as part of The Huntress Draw. [1] Later, during Season 7: Elite of Elite, Artery appears in the Comics, being part of a mysterious organization called The Dark Covenant.


Artery is a member of The Dark Covenant, alongside Dark Shepherd, Witch Doctor, Dark Rider and Stansfield. She later assists Templar and Dame in taking out his mercs as an act of betrayal. She also makes a remark about Rorke's arrogance. She also later bears witness as Dame executes Rorke.

Later on, in Blackout , Artery is present when Dame is talking to Templar about recent developments. Templar apparently wants to leave the Dark Covenant and take his daughter Sophia with him, but Dame tells him that she is an asset to the Covenant and that she will never be let go. As a result, Templar kills Dame by slicing her throat open before he goads the rest of the Covenant members into fighting him.

Artery joins the fight after Templar kills Dark Rider and fends off Dark Shepherd and Witch Doctor. She expresses her anger at him for betraying them when they are at the cusp of having everything. Templar responds that he’s making a choice, to which she provocatively tells him that she will make sure Sophia doesn’t even remember his name, though Templar insists he will get her back anyway. Dark Shepherd questions him how he’s going to do so since he has no allies, no intel or resources, but Templar doesn’t seem to care.

After a grueling battle, Artery is defeated along with Dark Shepherd, as she is shown being dragged away by Witch Doctor.

Artery is later shown to be the last target that Ghost and Edouard are hunting as part of their mission to take down the Dark Covenant. She is interrogating a man in a hotel room until she spots Ghost breaking in & attempts to make a run for it. However, as she jumps out of the window to escape, she is caught by Edouard on her foot and is left dangling off the window ledge. She tries to persuade him to rejoin them, telling him that Ghost is simply using him and that he will backstab him once he's done. Unfortunately, Edouard isn't convinced & instead tells her that he will take his chances; Artery has a choice to either talk or take her chances like he is. She then reluctantly tells him of Stansfield's location: in Alaska, 584S. Despite giving him the information he needed, she is dropped to her presumed death anyway after Edouard mockingly thanks her for her help.



  • Her description is reminiscent of classical take on the European vampire.