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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

General Anton Vladimirovich Charkov (Russian: Антон Владимирович Чарков) is a military officer attached to the KGB and trusted with top secret high-level access within the KGB Headquarters to the lower level archives. He carries a high security key card that Dimitri Belikov will need to acquire to give to Russell Adler so he can access the lower tunnels within the building to find the list of spy names they need to help them stop Perseus.


Before serving as a general in the Soviet military, he was good friends with Belikov.

KBG Mole Investigation

During Colonel Lev Kravchenko's investigation into a KGB mole embedded within the Lubyanka Building, Charkov was entrusted to hold the only bunker key by Imran Zakhaev and Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev.

Charkov eventually learned that Belikov was the mole that the KGB was looking for, but did not tell his superiors most likely as a result of his friendship with Belikov. This would eventually prove disastrously for him:

Belikov enters Charkov's office either through a connecting secondary office or requesting a meeting with him. Belikov silently kills Charkov by assassination for the former, pickpocketing him, or poisoned tea for the latter.

Belikov, learning that Charkov is interrogating a prisoner named Piotr Ivanov, manages to reach Ivanov in a moment of respite and convinces him to help by having him kill Charkov and loosen his shackles. When Charkov comes to interrogate Ivanov and threatens his family, Ivanov kills him by stabbing a pencil into his neck.

Belikov frames Charkov as the mole by passing off his communications to the CIA as his, giving a false document to Kravchenko. Kravchenko falls for the bait and has Charkov incarcerated in the prison underneath the building, despite his insistence that Belikov is the mole.

Belikov creates a key card with Charkov's credentials.


  • While Charkov's full name is never mentioned by any character, it can be seen on the computer screen within the bunker.
  • Based on dialogue with Belikov, as well as an office photograph, Charkov was a former Mi-24 Hind pilot before taking up a desk job.
  • While he's described as a General, he has the rank of Colonel on his epaulets. He also wears an officer's uniform instead of a general's uniform.
  • It is implied that he and Belikov fought in the Soviet-Afghan War in the same platoon if certain dialogue is chosen.