The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Sergeant Anton Fedorov (Russian: Антон Фëдоров) was an FSO commander working for President Vorshevsky alongside Andrei Harkov in the mission "Turbulence."


F.S.O. career

He is seen from the beginning of the mission until the plane crash. He fights with Harkov trying to protect the President and does well. Pudovkin then orders Harkov and Fedorov to move up to a different section of the plane, this is where Fedorov and Harkov would hold off hijackers, protecting the President in the process. The plane is then forced to make an emergency landing. Doing this the plane cracks in half and Fedorov is caught in the middle of the crack. He then attempts to save himself, but the seats Fedorov hangs onto give way, causing him to fall out of the plane to his death.


  • His appearance is randomly generated.
  • When Pudovkin tells Harkov and Fedorov to move up, Fedorov's name is misspelled as "Federov".
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