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"This isn't any vague "woo-hoo-hoo" evil. We're talking about the Apothicons, the most powerful and evil entities in all the existences that ever... existed. And now they're here in our perfect world."
Dr. Monty

The Apothicons[1] are a group of Keepers that were corrupted by the Dark Aether, with their only goal of wreaking havoc across all of creation. The Shadowman is a known Apothicon. Many weapons, such as the Apothicon Servant and Apothicon Swords are named after them. The Apothicons were also the creators of the Aether pyramid or MPD. They are main antagonists of the Zombies map Revelations, and, by extension, the entire Zombies storyline.

Summary Edit

The Apothicons were originally part of the ancient order of the Keepers residing in Agartha, but upon contact with the energy of the dark Aether, part of the Keepers were corrupted and betrayed their brethren. After a war between the two forces, the corrupted Keepers were eventually defeated, and what was left of them was banished into the dark Aether beneath creation for all eternity.

After spending time trapped in the dark Aether, the corrupted Ancients morphed into hideous creatures that shared little resemblance to their former species. During the Middle Ages, the Apothicons managed to escape their prison and invaded Earth, but were fended off again by the Keepers, this time with the help of human knights and were sealed once again within the dark Aether. [2] Soon after, they began planting Divinium, better known as Element 115, in various dimensions, with one meteor landing in the Rising Sun facility in the original timeline, and another landing in the trenches of World War I France in the altered timeline.

Some time later, in Shadows of Evil, an emissary of the Apothicons managed to trick four cursed souls into releasing the Apothicons in their dimension using the Summoning Key, but the creatures were stopped with the help of the Keepers and the Shadow Man gets trapped inside the Key.

In the Revelations opening cutscene, Maxis gets manipulated by the Shadowman within the Summoning Key and frees the evil Apothicon, who in turn summons the rest of the creatures.

In the ending cutscene for Revelations, after the Shadow Man is killed, Maxis and Sophia sacrifice themselves to banish the remaining Apothicons from their universe. It is unknown where the Apothicons went or what their ultimate fate is, however Monty states that they are gone forever.

In another cycle, the Shadowman manipulates the Warden of Alcatraz to imprison four mobsters, Albert ArlingtonSalvatore DeLucaBilly Handsome, and Finn O'Leary in Purgatory. He later instructs the Warden to trap Primis in Purgatory in order to gain Richtofen's blood, so he could use it to open a gateway to Agartha. This plan fails, and the Apothicons remain trapped within the Dark Aether, with the Shadowman residing in the Summoning Key.

Shortly after gaining the Elemental Shard, Ultimis Richtofen (who became Undead Richtofen) awoke Victis from their cryosleep and sent them to craft the Agarthan Device. In Victis' quest to gain the Device, they were assisted by the blood of an Apothicon. 

After Primis and Ultimis gained the Agarthan Device from Victis, they used it to destroy the Summoning Key, which instantly killed the Shadowman. After the multiverse was plunged in to the Dark Aether, the Apothicons remained trapped alongside the Keepers and all of Element 115 in the realm forever, with no way of escaping.



  • Despite being a Keeper, Dr. Monty's true form bears an extreme resemblance to that of an Apothicon, specifically that of the Shadowman's subspecies.
    • In Tag der Toten, it is revealed that this is due to the fact that, like the Apothicons, Doctor Monty was also corrupted by the Dark Aether.



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