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"Approaching Hill 400" is the twenty-fourth level in Call of Duty 2.


The initial objective is to clear the surrounding houses of the German forces. There is heavy German resistance guarding each house, and MG42 positions are set up in some of the windows. Once the houses are cleared, the player must regroup with Sgt. Randall at a set of roadblocks. At this point, the squad comes under heavy mortar fire. The player then must head south and clear more houses of enemy forces. Once this is done, the objective is to go north to eliminate the mortar threat. A squadmate will blow a hole in the wall of a house with a Bazooka so that a clear path can be made. The player is to proceed into the house and clear it out. After leaving out the backdoor of the house, an enemy MG42 position must be neutralized and then another house it to be breached. The player must proceed through the house and finally eliminate the enemy mortars in the churchyard nearby, and also destroy a Panzerwerfer with a Satchel Charge. Then the player must enter the church and secure it. After this, the objective is to regroup with Randall on the road. The mission is then complete.


File:Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough Part 24 - Approaching Hill 400 - American Campaign


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