"People of the world, you have hidden behind the protection of technology. Technology is a cancer. I am here to liberate you from this cancer. The world must be reset to it's natural state. I am Hades, and I am your saviour."
Joseph "Hades" Chkheidze

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April 28, 2055 Terrorist Attacks
Radioactive XBOX One Achievement Image CoDAW
Atlas PMCs engaging KVA forces at the Vekron Pacific Reactor in Seattle, Washington, USA

Fight Against the KVA


April 28, 2055


Every major nuclear plant in the world


KVA Victory
Major nuclear plants destroyed


Atlas Logo AW Atlas Corporation



Atlas Logo AW Jonathan Irons
Atlas Logo AW Captain Gideon

Flag of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria Joseph "Hades" Chkheidze


Atlas PMCs

KVA Forces


50,000 civilian deaths

Moderate to heavy

The April 28, 2055 Terrorist Attacks[1] was a massive series of coordinated attacks orchestrated by the KVA, the world's leading anti-western terrorist organization against the energy supply of western nations.

As the Atlas Corporation's failed operation in Seattle was underway, KVA cells operating under the direct orders of Hades, infiltrated various nuclear power plants across the globe, and initiated a meltdown at each of these facilities. When the reactors went critical and eventually exploded, the sites released large amounts of radiation across major cities, causing mass civilian casualties; upwards of 50,000 people.[2]

Immediately following the terrorist attacks, the various governments affected by the disaster, including the United States ordered government personnel, such as the CDC to begin a mass evacuation of the population and to begin distributing potassium iodide tablets to protect against radiation sickness. Other measures were also taken, including the zoning off of radiation areas and using sports stadiums as makeshift morgues.

Following the attacks, Hades, the leader of the KVA issued a message to the world, claiming responsibility for the attacks in an attempt to awaken them from their "sleep" and to show the world the true evil of technology. However, by 2059, much of the world continued to reel from the attacks and began a slow but promising period of recovery. Most in part, thanks to the humanitarian efforts of the Atlas Corporation. It was later revealed that Jonathan Irons, the CEO of Atlas was aware of the KVA plot to attack the west after being warned beforehand by a technologist his personnel had captured in Nigeria. Shortly thereafter, the technologist was killed by Irons in order to cover up what he now knew; proving that he deliberately allowed the attacks to occur in order to improve Atlas' reputation worldwide.

Partial List of Cities Targeted during the Attack[3] Edit

  • Seattle, Washington (USA)
  • Detroit, Michigan (USA)
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Munich, Germany
  • Paris, France
  • Rome, Italy
  • Athens, Greece
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Mumbai, India
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Beijing, China
  • Shanghai, China
  • Cairo, Egypt


  1. According to the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare strategy guide, the events of Fission take place on April 28, 2055.
  2. According to the opening cutscene of Manhunt, Jonathan Irons states that Hades is responsible for the deaths of 50,000. Most likely as a result of the attacks.
  3. This is only a partial list of cities targeted, provided during the opening intro of the mission "Aftermath". A small world map during the cutscene displays the attacks hit over five different continents simultaneously.
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