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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

"When the plane leaves Trabzon, it's stopping in Duga. This you know. Here's what you don't know. Perseus won't be there. None of these hired guns are going to leave Duga alive. We'll dump their bodies in the forest. Then we will move the weapons to Volkov in Berlin. From there we fly to Solovetsky. But I have other plans for you. Perseus thinks too highly of you. I don't want the competition."
— Arash before shooting and leaving Bell for dead at Trabzon Airfield.

Arash Kadivar [1] is the secondary antagonist of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. He is the leader of an Iranian mercenary terrorist organization and was responsible for helping orchestrate the Iranian Hostage Crisis. He appears in the mission Nowhere Left to Run.


Arash was born after the Allied invasion of Iran on August 25th, 1941. As Kadivar neared his twelfth birthday, Mohammad Mosaddegh, the Prime Minister of Iran was overthrown in a western sponsored coup. Kadivar's father, a supporter of Mosaddegh's regime, was imprisoned, tortured, and summarily executed.

The young Kadivar entered his teenage years with a powerful anti-imperialist anger and revolutionary fanatical rage. Later he would begin to reluctantly associate with agents of the USSR, who also had an strong interest in ousting the American-backed Shah.

In 1981, Kadivar and Bell were present at Trabzon Airport where Kadivar shot Bell out of jealousy of Bell's relationship with Perseus. After Frank Woods, Alex Mason and Russell Adler of the CIA made their presence known, Kadivar attempted to escape in an cargo plane with his men escorting him which Woods, Mason and Adler easily dispatched of. They managed to crash the cargo plane and capture Kadivar, who taunts them about Perseus before being killed by Adler.



  • His outfit in the final game is different from the outfit in the reveal trailer. His final outfit is a blue bomber jacket with a tiger symbol on the back, while his original outfit was a brown jacket with a khaki green vest.