Argentan is a multiplayer map, featured in Call of Duty 3.


Argentan takes place in located in Argentan, France. The map features woodland terrain and trenches: wide open spaces scattered with trees and bushes, this map is ideal for Rifleman and Heavy Assault classes. On one end of the map there is a high ledge ideal for Scouts, but this puts them in a very exposed position. The map also features tunnels and trenches, ideal locations for anti-personnel mine placement.


Due to the very open nature of Argentan, finding dynamic enough landmarks proves difficult. The Allies' main spawn point is on the very edge of the map, on the only concrete road, lined with many destroyed vehicles. The Axis' main spawn is behind a log cabin near a trench entrance not far from the cabin (There are more small log cabins on both sides of the map). In the middle there is a huge hill which has a series of trenches running through inside. Off to the edge of the Axis spawn is an upward road suitable enough for sniping around the hill. There are many outposts and little towers scattered around, though provide very little cover. There is also two drivable motorcycles on the map. A BMW R75 placed at the Axis' spawn and a Harley at the Allies' spawn.


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