The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada were a Canadian regiment in the 4th Canadian Armoured Division. They appear in Call of Duty 3 as a featured playable faction, focusing on Pte. Cole and his platoon, led by Lt. Robiechauld.


Before moving up to Hill 262, the Canadians were tasked to take an industrial complex and hold it from the Germans. They took it and held it against superior numbers before securing it. Robiechauld's platoon takes a pivotal role in the regiment's operations.

While moving up, Robiechauld was not pleased with Pte. Baron's performance in battle and calls him a coward. Baron insisted that he does what he does to save his radio. The Lieutenant assigned him to the Polish 1st Armored Division who lost their radio operator.

The platoon moved to rescue a captured tank crew but instead of retreating, they decided to take the town. When a Tiger II enters, the platoon moved to destroy a munitions stockpile. The charge detonated late, killing most of the platoon, including Sgt. Callard. The remaining soldiers were wounded but they were able to reinforce the Polish on Hill 262.

Notable SoldiersEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Some of the soldiers speak with a slight French-Canadian accent therefore suggesting some of them are from the province of Quebec.
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