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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

"Reach the carrier's bridge and use the Arclight railguns to take out the Atlas attack boats."
— Level Description

"Armada" is the twelfth campaign mission in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Following the destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge, Mitchell and Gideon rendezvous with Cormack and Knox on the deck of the carrier and plan to stop Atlas from taking control of the bridge.


At the Sentinels' HQ, Cormack and Knox maintain a network of incoming radio transmissions, concerning the immense casualties caused from the destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge. The two are deployed into the disabled aircraft carrier of the US Navy Third Fleet by a helicopter and rendezvous with Gideon and Mitchell. The Sentinels planted their jammers on both sides of the ship before eventually making their way to the bridge, defeating Atlas PMC forces across their path. Cormack orders Mitchell momentarily to control a fleet railgun emplacement, destroying two Atlas cargo ships loaded with Manticore. Knox asks Cormack about their next mission, to which Cormack replies telling the group that Irons will be put down for killing the innocents.



Exo Type - Assault


Starting Loadout

Note: if the player continues the game from "Collapse", then they will keep the weapons used in that mission.

Found in level


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  • Man Overboard! (10Gamerscore.png / Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png) - Melee an enemy so they fly off the side of the ship in "Armada."
  • Wrath of Atlas (30Gamerscore.png / Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png) - Complete "Armada."


  1. On the large ship where you need to set two charges, head straight for the burned hole beneath the command tower. Jump in through the hole, marked with open flames, and turn right into the hallway. Reaching the main room with the terminals build beneath the windows, look directly to the right as you enter.
  2. Moving through the hangar catwalks, move down the right metal path to enter a building through the open doorway. Just to the right is a smaller terminal room with the intel inside.
  3. On the bridge of the ship, just look on the holographic briefing table in the center before approaching your teammates.
"A cowardly act of terrorism? Who the hell are they kidding? I went up against the largest naval fleet to ever sail the oceans with a small company of highly skilled and highly motivated special operatives and won! They can spin it a thousand different ways but the images speak for themselves. Cowardly? No, I stand by my actions. Terrorism? Most certainly. If your actions do not inspire fear and terror in the hearts of your adversaries, then you have no business waging war."
Jonathan Irons


  • If the player plays "Collapse" before playing this mission, they will start with the weapons they used in Collapse.
  • The helmet Cormack is wearing in the last-gen consoles is similar to the one he wore in "Induction" while in the next-gen systems, he wears the one worn by the other Sentinel Operators in the multiplayer mode.