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"Coalition and Allegiance forces signed treaties and sent in their best to restore order, but Zakhaev pulled strings, sowed distrust and divided. We turned our guns back on each other, just like he wanted."
John Price

The Armistice was a temporary military alliance between the Coalition and Allegiance factions created by Kate Laswell and Kamarov to stop and sever Al-Qatala's access to weapons, funds, intelligence, and hardware[1] after their invasion of Kastovia. It is the main playable faction featured in the Special Ops mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

War Against Al-Qatala

Invasion of Verdansk

On March 3, 2020, four months after the death of Omar Sulaman, Al-Qatala, now calling themselves Al-Qatala-Aljahdid, invaded the country of Kastovia and occupied its major city, Verdansk. Al-Qatala was now under the leadership of Khaled Al-Asad and was supplied and supported by Victor Zakhaev, also known as "Mr. Z", a known arms dealer and Ultranationalist.

The invasion of Verdansk prompted CIA Case Officer Kate Laswell of the Coalition and FSB Sergeant Kamarov of the Allegiance to create a local temporary military alliance between the two factions in Verdansk, Armistice. Captain John Price and his Task Force 141 also supported the newly formed alliance.

Arm-4 Operations

Laswell and Kamarov launched several operations conducted by the Arm-4 team with the aim of stopping and crippling the organization access to weapons, funds, intelligence and hardware by elimination high value target within the Al-Qatala's network in Verdansk as Armistice became the only line of defense preventing the terrorist organization from pushing through to Urzikstan.

The Arm-4 team located and destroyed weapons warehouses used by Almalik, the destruction of the main warehouse located in the Arklov Peak military facility led to the death of Almalik.

Follwing the death of Almalik, the Arm-4 team went after a British banker who was responsible for laundering Al-Qatala's currency. After having located the servers used by the banker and froze his assets, the Arm-4 team moved to the Acropolis National Bank in Tavorsk District where the team eliminated the banker.

The team also rescued MAGE, a local asset in Verdansk who informed Armistice that El Traficante was planning to move a massive shipment of weapons across Verdansk by train. After found intel about El Traficante and froze his money, Arm-4 managed to recall the train and rigged it with explosive before being extracted.

The team finally rescued Doctor Linda Morales who was taken hostage by Al-Qatala, Morales informed the team that AQ was transporting bioweapons using World Humanitarian Project supplies as cover. The team managed to secure the weapons but discover a nuclear warhead with his core missing. Learning about a weapon deal happening in the Verdansk airport, Arm-4 infiltrated the building with the help of Lieutenant Simon Riley before infiltrating a hijacked plane and retrieving the plutonium core before the plane could leave the city. Al-Asad and Zakhaev were, however, still at large.


While operations conducted by the Arm-4 against Al-Qatala had proven successful, it was ultimately not enough to stop Al-Asad and Zakhaev. As the remaining forces of Al-Qatala left the city, massive gas clouds were deployed in Verdansk and Armistice members began fighting amongst themselves in a desperate bid for survival. Simon "Ghost" Riley was one of the only known survivors. This proved to be the death blow to the fragile alliance and soon enough, Armistice was officially disbanded.




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